Two Useful Photoshop Selection Tips

Two Useful Photoshop Selection Tips

There are some quick tricks in Photoshop that can make mundane tasks faster and hard things a lot easier. With that in mind, here are two quick Photoshop layer selection tips that I use all the time.

Isolate a single layer in one step!

If you want to work on just one layer of a scrapbook page — which you might do if you’re typing journaling or adjusting a shadow — just hold down the ALT key while clicking the little eye icon next to the layer in the layer palette.

Two Useful Photoshop Selection Tips - Isolate a single layer using the eye icon

In this case, I selected only the doily layer. All of the other layers are invisible and only the doily is revealed.

To reveal all of the layers again, just hold down ALT and select the eye again. Easy!

There’s a quick way to select a bottom layer!

Using the Move tool, just right-click on a spot that is above what you want to select. So, if I want to select the paint, I can just right click on the button which I know if on top of the paint, and then select the paint layer from the menu that appears.

If I want to make adjustments to one of these layers, I can check the “Isolate Layers” option and the layer palette will only show the layer(s) I selected.

Two Useful Photoshop Selection Tips - Select any layer under the mouse by right-clicking

I use this trick all the time when I’m working with big clusters. If I’m using a template, I also use it to select the template element guides and delete them after I’ve placed my own flowers, buttons, and ribbons on the page and I don’t need the guides anymore.

I hope that these quick tips are helpful to some of you!