Words of Affirmation {April 19}

Words of affirmation are my love language. And everyone appreciates being appreciated. For that reason, we are going to start sharing some words of affirmation printable cards with our readers. These cards are meant to be printed, written in, and sent!

I love this quote by Albert Einstein! I spent much of my life thinking I had no talents or abilities. As it turns out, my talents and abilities just didn’t look like those around me. I’m learning to lean into my own “genius” and to appreciate the genius I see in others.

This card is the perfect way to tell someone all the good things you see in them.

Click the image. Once taken to Dropbox, right click the image and choose download. Then print, cut out, fold, write, and send to someone you love. (The card is sized 10×7, so when folded it creates a 5×7 card. Resize as necessary.)