I LOVE being able to stretch my stash of digi scrapping supplies. I also LOVE to create educational activities and games for my kids.

I was looking through my Digi Files for this month and I came across a cute little Bingo Card in Meghan Mullen’s Family is Forever kit. I knew it would make a great math activity for our homeschool.

I thought it would be fun to make a Bingo game for my older three kids. Each of the numbers on the bingo card would be the answer to a math problem. So, I would say something like, “7 x 3” and they would have to mark 21. The first one to get five in a row wins!

However, I didn’t want all three kids to have the exact same card, so I knew I needed to move the numbers around. It was easy!

First, I enlarged the card from the kit to 5×7. I knew that the small amount of size increase wouldn’t do too much damage to image quality, especially for something as unimportant as a bingo game!

Using my magic wand tool, with tolerance set to 40, I clicked on the off white. Then I went to select > similar so that it would pick up the white inside of closed spaces (like inside the O). Once it was all selected, I hit delete, leaving me with a blank background.

Next, I added the solid off white paper from the kit on the layer below.

I saved this as card number 1. Then, in order to create different cards for different kids, I had to move the numbers around. Since the numbers were already separated from the background, this was easy. I just used my marquee tool and selected each number, cut them, and then pasted them onto a new document.

Then I simply dragged the numbers around to new places, saved, and then made a third card. Each of the cards has the same numbers, just in different places.

Next, I needed to make playing chips. Again using my magic wand tool, I selected the red heart, copied it, and pasted it onto a new document. I then duplicated enough times to have playing pieces for our game.

My next task was getting the game ready to print. I placed three cards and the heart sheet on two 8.5″ x 11″ documents and then printed them on cardstock.

Next, I cut out the cards and the hearts and my game was DONE! How fast can YOU find 6×4+1?