Making Lunch Box Notes

Making Lunch Box Notes

Do you like to add notes to your children’s school lunches? Today I have an idea to share for making a (school) year’s worth of fun lunch box notes using your digi stash!


For my notes, I wanted to keep things light and fun to give my kids some smiles. So, I’m incorporating cute jokes on my notes. I’ve found all the jokes online — trust me, there are a million of them!

Here are just a few of the notes that I’ve made so far. I’ve kept it super simple – just a paper and an element or two. I’m going to run through my digi stash and use as many kits as I can! Each card takes only a minute or two to make and save.

I left room at the top or bottom of each card to add a handwritten personal message and an “I Love You”.

Using a Pro Printer

I plan on printing my cards in bulk at a pro printer, which means that I need to add “bleed” to my cards. Bleed is basically a margin around the edge of the canvas that may be trimmed off by the printer. Since I want 3 inch by 4 inch final cards, I created a 3.25 inch wide by 4.25 inch wide canvas. The extra quarter inch is the “bleed” area. I created guides in Photoshop to show me the bleed area while I am designing. You can learn more about guides from this help article at Adobe.

Pre-Designed Journal Cards

Pre-designed journal cards, like the ones included in many kits, would be great to use for lunch box notes! Just keep in mind that if you’re printing them out, you shouldn’t use .png format cards because you’ll likely end up with an unwanted black border around the cards. Persnickety Prints has an informative article about why this happens.

To Be Even Faster…

Studio Wendy also has an action for sale at her shop to make custom lunch box notes a breeze.

Wendy's Lunch Notes Action

There are about 194 school days in my school area so I’ve got a few more to make! I’m planning on making about 65 card designs with 2 jokes per design. I’ll also save a third copy of each design as blank cards so that I can add longer notes and words of encouragement on some days.

My plan is to print out all of the cards twice (one set for each of my kids) and keep them in my kitchen to add to the kids’ school lunches each day.