Layouts I Love: March 2015

You all are a seriously talented group of scrappers! I have so enjoyed looking through our Flickr gallery, soaking up tons of inspiration! Even as I approach my TENTH anniversary of digital scrapbooking, I am still in awe of this hobby and what it means to me, to our families, and to this community. Your creativity, vulnerability, and encouragement are truly inspiring!

As I perused the gallery, I was impacted by SO MANY LAYOUTS. I chose a few to highlight, but really, I could have chosen ANY of them. Such talent! Here are just a few of the layouts we love (click the image to see the original post).

1. WORDY by Ica Jovita. I love the tumbling words cards and elements. The page just seems overflowing, indicative of a joyfully overflowing life. This is a great example of the page design reinforcing the subject of the page.

2. JOURNEY by Carrie. I love the big and bold title, especially that it’s tilted, giving the feeling of movement. I also love the raw journaling. Scrapbooking is about remembering our lives, the good and the hard.

3. 2014-WEEK 29 by Denise. I continue to be inspired by pocket scrapbooking and the endless ways of creating pages even with a seemingly confining style. This is such a fun Disney page with a great mix of journaling and photos.

4. FOCUS by Katie the Scrapbook Lady. I am so IN LOVE with this page by Katie. Let me count the ways…1) Intentional journaling that captures the here and now. 2) Incredible design. 3) Great use of color, including the black creating great visual triangles. 4) The FOCUS title being in focus under the glasses and out of focus in other areas. 5) Using the focus theme in the elements. I especially love the eye test word art. 6). Green…because I love green. 7) The way Katie combined elements from a kit and also things she got from Pinterest. 8) Everything else!

5. DOUBLE TROUBLE by Carrie. This is such a beautiful page. I adore the white background with all the punches of color. The design, centered on the page, draws your eye down the entire page.

6. WK315A by Breeoxd. Another fabulous pocket scrapping page. It is such a great mix of things including photos, games she plays, text messages, emails, journaling, memories jotten down, and a pregnancy update. So much packed into one page!

7. MAXWELL AT 6 by RMLA. I love the simple design of this page that focuses on the sweet photos and the extensive interview. Interviews are such a great way to capture kids at particular ages.

8. POOL DAYS by {Kayleigh}. Kayleigh is such a master at using lots of elements in a purposeful way without overpowering a page. I love her use of color and design on this layout.

9. BALL TIME by Tracy. This is such a great page, with amazing use of color and white space. I also love that there are four photos on this page, each with a slightly different size and angle. It gives the page a feeling of movement and fun.

10. 2015_8_L by kv2av. This pocket scrapping page is just full of fun and colorful things. I love the large 08 for the title. I also love the handwriting fonts for the journaling spots as well as a great mix of photos and patterned paper.

So what about you? Are you feeling as inspired as I am? Feel free to take a look at our incredibly talented pool of scrappers that share their art in our Flickr group. We’d love for you to post your layouts. And who knows, maybe we’ll fall in love with your layout and post it here at The Daily Digi!