Toning Black and White Pictures to Match Your Page

Toning Black and White Images to Match Your Page

When my colour photos don’t match a kit I want to use, I just convert them to black and white. It’s such a quick and easy fix! We have many posts at the Daily Digi about black and white images:

Black and White

Here’s a page I made recently. I converted the image to black and white in Lightroom using a purchased preset (The Authentic Set presets by Brittany Chandler) and then added it to my layout.

I love the b&w conversion on it’s own, but on this layout, I thought it had a bit too much contrast from the softness of the overall page.

Colour Adjusted Black and White

To soften the look of the picture, I adjusted the colour of the black and white image.

Here’s it is with the black and white “made to match” with the brown in the kit:

Supplies: Pretty as a Picture by Meghan Mullens and Studio Basics Designs

To adjust the colour, I added a “color overlay” from the Layer Styles menu. Then I selected the brown color of the kraft paper and changed the blend mode to “color”.

That’s it! A quick fix that can have a big impact!