Meet Judie


  1. Realistic Leaves
  2. Stitches
  3. Paint
  4. Brushes
  5. Wooden frames

MY STYLE: The best description of my digital style is “clustered art.” I love filling pages with elements and watching it come to life with realistic shadowing. That being said, I also love trying new styles and techniques and am always looking for ways to grow my digital art and keep it fresh and exciting.

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): I get my inspiration from everywhere and everyone in the digital world. My idols are people who step outside of their creative box and try new things.

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: The team is amazing and I have always been an admirer and the designers, I love getting to know new to me designers!

MY FAVORITE LAYOUT: This is my current favorite layout. First and foremost, I love the message on this page. Design-wise, the realistic clustering, bright colors popping off the dark background and sparkly goodness of the light elements just make me happy.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME: GalleryBlogPinterestFacebook