Meet Heather

BIO: Hi! I’m heather. I’ve been around the digi works for about two and a half years. I live in Texas with my husband and best friend, and two dogs (paco the chihuahua and fiona the westie puppy). I spend my days working at the Apple Store as a creative which means I get to teach people all about the ins and outs of their computers. in my digi life, I make fonts over at the-lilypad, I ct for a few designers I love and adore, and now I get to pin for TDD. Score!


1. Templates by Amy Martin, Crystal Livesay, Sara Gleason, and Valorie Wibbens. These ladies are seriously amazing and composition and arrangement. Even if it is just looking at the empty template for inspiration, they are my loves.

2. Shadow styles by Jenn Barrette, One Little Bird Designs, and Sahlin Studio. Did you know these three ladies all use the same angle?! Score! While I mostly hold tight to Krista’s set I keep all three loaded to add a little difference to similar items on pages. (Organized alphabetically by item buttons, paper, stitching, etc.) Also Peppermint’s washi tape tutorial… brilliant!

3. My fonts. That seems like a shameless plug, but really… being able to have my handwriting on my pages is one of my most favorite things ever! But every now and then I switch to one, like right now I am S-T-U-C-K! on The Amy. I love it’s diversity and ability to look totally different when using it in all lowercase or all uppercase.

4. Alphas and Words. Doodles and Doodads: CD Muckosky, amazing realistic crafty alphas and word art that will blow your mind; Designs by Lili, I reuse her alphas like they going out of style (which they never would); Jacque Larsen, Kate Hadfield, and Kaye Winieceki, painted, penclied, markered, doodled alphas and word strips (again all amazing and seriously reusable); Lauren Grier, Lauren Reid, Valorie Wibbens, and The Tattered Pear; handwritten words… forgetaboutit, never another desire or need to wish you could write something on a page… these ladies have you covered! Also little doodads! I love them all!

5. Crafty Handmade Goodness. I fell in love with digital scrapbooking when I discovered that it could look like these two hands could have made it… but without the use of a mouse. There are so many designers that are amazing at drawing, sewing, crafting, painting, and yada yada yadaing. Then they scan, photograph, and extract to the most amazing goodies that fall perfectly onto pages.

MY STYLE: umm… I like to leave a lot of white space on pages. But then I also like to pile a bunch of stuff onto pages. I love blocky paper layouts. And photo-less pages. And keeping it as ‘real’ as possible. So what would you call that? Oh and crafty stuff, I love my pages to look crafty!

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): Valorie, Jordan, Crystal, Debra, and Jacque

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: There are so many amazing designers, pages, and resources out there in scrapland and I get to pin them all and share them all with the Pintrest community. Plus hanging out with The Daily Digi team members is AWESOME! Talk about a wealth of knowledge. I’m pretty sure they could use it to take over the world, but in a good way of course. One that includes nap time and scrap time for all!

Why? Because it combines my love of clean lines with a more embellished worked. It took me a long time to find that balance!