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Tomorrow is another special day — when we get to open a new bundle of goodies. Yah! — Patsy Flowers

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Sara Gleason

Taylormade Designs

Digilicious Designs

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Snap Click Supply Co.

Ziggle Designs

Janet Phillips

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Color Change

I love so many things about digital scrapbooking. It doesn’t make a mess, I can use products over and over again, and I can undo any mistakes I make. We have so much control over the scrapping process.

Although we often buy our products in kits, we don’t have to feel constrained by what’s inside. We can resize, recolor, and change the products to work for us.

I wanted to use Sara Gleason’s Self Portrait kit from the March 2015 Digi Files for layout. I loved one of the papers, but the pink didn’t look quite right on my page.

The great thing is, digi makes it easy to change!

Using my magnetic lasso tool with my tolerance set to about 10, I clicked on one of the pink chevrons. With all the pink selected in one area, I went to SELECT > SIMILAR. That created a selection around all of the pink.

With those areas selected, I hit DELETE.

Next I dragged this paper onto the kraft paper from the same kit, merged the layers, and saved as a new .jpeg file. And now I have a completely new paper, ready to scrap my page!

Isn’t digi fun!


Sometimes you see new techy things and you think, “Wow, that would be so cool. You know they would be fun and could be of use, but you know you don’t need it. The world won’t change if you do/don’t have one.

And then there are those things that you see and think, “The world will be a totally different place when my kids are my age!”

That’s how I felt last summer when I first heard about solar roadways. In fact, I was so excited and giddy about how cool this was that I talked Steph’s ear off about it and then sent her the video link.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Can you imagine life with Solar Freakin’ Roadways?

Welcome To The Team

We are so excited to welcome some new members to our team here at The
Daily Digi. These ladies are all amazing scrappers and have already been
hard at work behind the scenes creating layouts and preparing tips and
tricks for the Playbook. We look forward to sharing their inspiration with you in the
coming weeks. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about each team member, new and old, through their bios, linked below. Welcome to the team ladies!








Jackie C


Jennifer V





Kimberly K



Melanie H











Now This Is Fun

Blagovesta Gosheva has a new collection – That’s life. A little shabby, a little grungy, in versatile colors this collection is perfect to document those happy little ordinary everyday moments in our life because this is what makes a man really happy!


Here’s a super fun, mega versatile set of templates, page protectors and embellishments that form a perfect starter kit or a great addition to your stash for Project Life. These templates are FULLY customizable and all shown embellishments are included.Grab them at 20% off through March 29, 2015!


Studio Wendy is back with another digital scrapbooking process video! This episode is a look at scrapping travel album collages with Lightroom. Purchase the episode at 20% off for the first week, or get it FREE with a $10 purchase at Studio Wendy.


Last chance to profit from the sales and a chance to win a coupon for the amount you spent in Maya’s shop. Lots of new products, all 40% off until March 29.


Studio Vicki Robinson has four sets of vintage-y brushes for you – all on sale for 20% off and ok for Personal and Commercial Use! These brushes add lovely texture and dimension to any page and look wonderful layered with other elements to create clusters!


Meagan’s Creations has a rockin’ collection out this week. Let’s hear it for the boys! He Rocks is a spunky and metallic collection that you’ll love for your little men. Save 30% off this week, 40% off when you purchase the bundle!


Fuss Free: Dots and Bows is a set of templates designed to coordinate with Dots and Bows by Dream Big Designs. Created with your sweet little one in mind, these templates are a great way to document parties, character photos, and magical events! Now through Apr 3rd, if you purchase Set 1, you’ll receive Set 2 FREE! The templates are 20% off for the first week. Combine with the FWP to get both sets for less than $4!


Amber LaBau has a new set of products available as part of the April Memory Pockets Monthly collection at The Lilypad, and they’re all 20% off thru Monday!


3 New Birthday-themed ValuePacks with up to 74% discount. Get them here.


12 Brand New Items @ 30% Off


A beautiful set of journal cards for your projects.


New products by Vinnie Pearce Design, take an extra 15% off by using code: DDM29. (expires march 29th 2015).


That’s it for today!

Blocks and Triangles

As International Scrapbooking Day approaches (usually the first Saturday in May), I am starting to prepare for my twice-a-year printing of layouts. I wait for a sale and then print all of my pages at one time. As I was looking through my layouts from the last six months, I noticed something about my pages: I have two main styles of page design.

I either use a visual triangle or a blocked design.

This is not intentional. I know about basic design principles and what makes pages pleasing to the eye, but when I scrap or create templates, I usually just go with what I think looks good. I don’t think about the design very often, and yet, I see that I naturally gravitate to one of two styles.

This post lists a number of different ways you can design your page in order to make it flow, but in looking through my pages, I definitely have my go-to styles!

1. Visual Triangle

(search the site for lots of info on visual triangles): Debbie Hodge, in this post, says this about visual triangles:

If you’re unfamiliar with the visual triangle, imagine placing a transparency over a layout then finding three cohesive points on it that could be connected with a dry erase marker to form a triangle. You may not have been aware of it, but your eye will subconsciously look for this completion in design. Learning how to use this tool effectively in your own projects will make them more visually appealing to your viewers.

Here are a few of my pages where I see that I used this technique:(The red box with the lowered opacity is to help you see the outline of the design)

2. Blocked Page Design with white space

Although it wasn’t intentional, I like that my styles creates a cohesive feel to my albums. Although pages aren’t created to go together, when I place them in my album, they all seem to work together. I know I could branch out and try other styles, and I do from time to time, but overall I am happy with my pages and like that after all these years, I really know my style!

Take a look through your albums. Can you see one or two styles showing up over and over again? Are you happy with those styles (like me) or do you want to break out of a rut and try something new?

Emphasizing Paper or Elements

Emphasizing Paper or Elements

Some of my pages feature paper heavily. Some of them use relatively little paper but are heavier on elements like paint, flowers and labels. Generally I can tell when I look at a kit, which direction I’ll likely take it.

Emphasizing the Paper

If there are bold and fun colours, with a mix of black and white to serve as contrast, I like to focus on the papers in a kit. I do this by creating many, many paper layers.

On the page below, I featured a lot of paper by creating shapes like rounded rectangles and circles and then clipping papers to them. I still used elements like the triangles and labels an buttons, but the papers are the clear star of the page.

Supplies: Home Is Where The Art Is by Sweet Shoppe Designs

Emphasizing the Elements

My element heavy pages are generally designed around a small number of pieces that just called to me in the kit.

On this page, I loved the mixed-media paint element and designed all of the page around it. It came together very quickly by just pulling in elements, adjusting their size and testing them out in various spots around the page.

Supplies: … And All That Is Ok by Studio Basic

Do you notice that you emphasize paper or elements more on your pages? Or does it depend on the kit you are using?

Scrapper’s Best Friend

My best friend for scrapbooking is my keyboard. It saves me a lot of time and energy! But there’s one specific keyboard shortcut I’m thinking of right now.

This is the shortcut that changed my life.

It literally shave hours off my workflow.

I shared my favorite shortcuts in this post, but if you learn only one shortcut, make it this one.

Create Clipping Mask

But before I tell you more, let me explain exactly what a clipping mask is.

A clipping mask:

  • makes the top layer ‘clip’ to the shape of the layer below it
  • hides (aka masks) any part of the top layer that is outside the pixels of the bottom layer
  • is a non-destructive edit, so the parts of your layer that aren’t visible, are still there.

Why use the shortcut?

You may be superbly dexterous, but I spent ages trying to get my mouse exactly over the dividing line between the layers plus remember which key to hold down to show the clipping cursor.

Then Adobe got rid of the lines between the layers!

You can also get to this command via Layer – Create Clipping Mask (or Release Clipping Mask)

Scrapper’s Best Friend to the Rescue

Photoshop Elements Windows: Ctrl+G

Photoshop Elements Macintosh (does anyone still call them that?): Cmd+G


For Photoshop Ctrl+G makes a group. But never, fear there’s still a shortcut for you!

Ctrl+Shift+G on Windows

Cmd+Shift+G on a Mac

What you can do with a Clipping Mask

  • Use a template! You need to clip your papers and photos to the template.
  • Create fun, textured text by clipping paper to a text layer.
  • Fit a photo in a shape.
  • Create your own embellishments or paper shapes.
  • Create your own borders.
  • Create artsy layouts with ease – simply clip your photo to a cool photo mask, or brushed, semi transparent layer.

Little Known Facts about the Clipping Mask

  • Although it’s called a mask, the clipping mask isn’t shown as a mask in the Layers panel. Rather there’s the layer thumbnail is indented and there’s an bent arrow to show the relationship between the layer (see picture above).
  • If you (for example) have clipped a photo to a small photo spot and then move it, you’ll be moving the photo layer within the photospot. Group your layers to avoid this (You can group layers by shift clicking on the layers in the layers panel, then clicking the chain icon).
  • You need to apply layer styles such as shadows to the bottommost layer (the one you clipped it to).

So there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know about clipping masks.

Now, you can go out there and scrap faster than ever!

PS Yes, that’s my dog (or rather my parent’s) Stephanie the Maltese X Shih Tzu

So Much More

As I approach my tenth scrapping anniversary in a few months, I have been doing a lot of thinking about digital scrapbooking and what an effect it has had on my life. The impact is huge! Not only do I have thousands of memories preserved and sitting on my shelf, just waiting for someone to flip through, but also I have made some beautiful friendships and gained innumerable skills. Who knew that one little magazine article would change my life so drastically!

As I look through my photos, though, I realize that my digi skills haven’t been just for scrapping. I’ve done so much more with them! I love that people can come to me and ask me to edit photos for them and I love to make things for our family and friends. My kids often come to me asking me to make an invitation for something (spur of the moment little parties at home). I love my scrapbook albums, but all the other opportunities to use my skills are so fun!

Cake and Party Decorations










So what about you? What, other than scrapbook pages, have you created with your digi skills?


You know that stranded island game, when you have to decided what you would take if you were to be stranded on a deserted island? I always have a list of /c/ sound words:







If only my husband would change his name to Chris or Kurt, I would be all set.

I live a pretty simple life and if I could just have these five /c/ things, I would be all set. I really don’t want to imagine life without any of them. At age eight, though, coffee became my first love.

Given my affection for the dark perfection, this week’s TECH TALK makes me especially giddy. With six kids in the house, I can imagine all the mess, but someday when we’re empty nesters, this is going on my nightstand:

Yep, the Barisieur is an alarm clock that brews your coffee right next to your bed! I LOVE getting up early (and no, that’s not sarcastic…4:00 am is my favored wake-up time). I love the days when my husband senses I am awake and he goes to make me coffee and then brings it to me in bed (after which he promptly falls back asleep). But with this alarm clock, no braving the cold outside of the covers is needed. You can even add your milk and sugar!

Check it out and and be sure to scroll through all the images. I can’t wait!