Mobile Memory Keeping Tips and Tricks (plus FREE download)

Guess what!? I did it! I created ONE layout to document everyday in January, on my phone! I have LOVED every minute of it! I don’t worry about getting the layout done on the actual day (too much pressure). I will often do 2-4 at one time. It’s so fast and easy to get them done, that it’s EASY to catch up!!

Apps I’m using::

  • Project Life App
  • PicStitch App
  • LetterGlow App
  • DropBox

I’ve shared my process in these posts:

What about the days I don’t have photos?

There have been days that I go to scrap and there are a couple of, not very good photos for that day. Here are some of the ways I’ve gotten around that:

  • take a photo representing something you did that day, after the fact (both of the photos below were taken a day or two later):

  • add a screenshot of your calendar for that day
  • add a screenshot of a map (for the layout below, I only had the photo of the gas price, so I used Google Maps and took a screenshot on my phone of our route):

  • grab an image from the web of a show, movie, or thing we did that day:

If I get to the middle or end of the day, and don’t have photos, I will screenshot the weather, text conversations, music I’ve been listening to, or anything else that applies. I’ve found some good scrapping content this way. Here are a few of my favorite pages using these techniques:

February Date Cards

Thanks to Kami for supplying all of us with some FREE date cards to use all month long! Download the 4×3 and the 3×4 for lots of options!