Download Your Facebook Information

Years ago I stopped using a journal to record funny things my kids said. Facebook took over. Truth be told, a lot of my life and memories are on Facebook. And I am betting that is true for a lot of you. Facebook has changed the way a lot of us keep memories. It’s great to change with the times as long as it doesn’t mean we stop recording and remembering.

Perhaps you already know this, but this was news to me a few months ago: You can download all of your Facebook information so that you can keep it. I know as if it seems that Facebook is here to stay, and I bet it will be for a while, but nothing lasts forever. I don’t want my memories to disappear with a website.

Thankfully, it’s very easy to download your information.

1. Go to the top right of your screen and click the black triangle. From there, choose SETTINGS.

2. On the settings screen, you will see “Download a copy of your Facebook Data.” Click it.

3. You will then see a screen like this. Choose to download your archive (note that you will probably have to reenter your password.)

4. A few minutes later, you will get an email and/or a FB notification that your information is ready to download. Depending on how much you post, the file could be large (mine was about 250mb).

It will download your information and break it into a number of categories: videos, photos, and other. The other stuff is actually really interesting. You can see what events you attended, a complete list of your friends, all of your status updates, all of your messages, and even your pokes (and for your information, I have been poked exactly one time in my almost eight years of being on FB…and it was in 2014).

Now all that is left is to figure out how to turn all of this into a scrapbook page!