Photos in a Series

I like to tell stories with my photos. Although I use a lot of words on my scrapbook pages, I also like to let the photos have their turn to speak. Oftentimes, this is done much easier by using a series of photos rather than just one.

Take these photos for example. I was at a friends house, photographing her newborn, and this sweet girl did not want to sleep. It probably didn’t help that there were 13 other kids in the house making noise and watching the action. The baby was so tired. She had been awake for hours but every time she started to dose, a noise would startle her. I finally asked her mom to hold her and rock her. After a while, the sweet baby couldn’t hold out any more and she succumbed to the sleep she so desperately needed.

These photos were shot over a period of thirty minutes, but they tell a story. Can’t you just see the bewildered and overwhelmed look on the baby’s face in the first photo (and her big sister needing the mama she has had to herself for the past four years)? Then the baby shows just how tired she is. Finally, sleep takes over.

I love it. I love how three photos, placed next to each other, tell a story. Her mom could look at these photos years later and completely remember what was going on. If I had just shot the one of the her sleeping, that wouldn’t be the case.

When you shoot, think about the story you want to tell. And when you create your scrapbook pages, think again about the story. Instead of just using one photo, see how you can place photos together and let the pictures say things so the words don’t have to.