Inspiration for Your Week

For the month of January, our UnDigi posts will be quotes. I love to get people thinking, I love introspection. I think that as memory keepers we do a disservice to ourselves if we leave out massive parts of our life stories. What we think and feel are just as important as the happy Christmas pictures and the exotic vacation photos.

As you start your week, think on the words above for a while and ask yourself some questions:

  • What have been the greatest influences on your character?
  • How has suffering in your life strengthened you?
  • Have you experience success in areas that you know would have failed had you not persevered?
  • Knowing that often good things come through trials and suffering, how does it change your perspective on personal hurt or hurt on the part of your kids, friends, or family members?
  • If someone like Hellen Keller could see all the good that comes from adversity, what can you see that comes from your own?