Making Memories: Doughnut Snowmen

We’re just five days away from Christmas. Can you believe it? How did this holiday sneak up on us? After all, the Christmas trees and decorations starting appearing in the stores in SEPTEMBER. And yet, somehow, the dreams we have planned for this magical season don’t always happen the way we imagine they will. Time has a way of disappearing.

Don’t despair. If you haven’t done any fun crafts or baking with your children, there is still time. If want something fun and easy to bring to Christmas Eve dinner, there is still time.

These little doughnut snowmen are so cute and so easy to make. My kids love them. And the best part, no baking required! It would be a fun treat for you to make OR you could let your kids dive in and help.


(adjust amounts based on the number of snowmen you want to make)

small powdered doughnuts (3 per snowman)

chocolate bells

Red Vines (licorice)

mini chocolate chips

pretzel sticks

white icing (I just mix powdered sugar with a bit of water to make a THICK paste)

orange tick tacks

I will admit it took me a few tries to get these going. But once I figured out my process, they went fast.

1. Place your first doughnut on your work surface. Spread a good bit of your icing on the doughnut and add another. Repeat for the third doughnut. Make all of your men and give the icing some time to dry.

2. Next, carefully tie a piece of Red Vine around the space between the 2nd and 3rd doughnut to make the scarf. Be careful not to pull too hard and break the licorice or pull the doughnuts apart.

3. Using a small tip and a pastry bag (or a small zip lock with a tiny hole cut off the corner), add a spot of icing to one of the eye or button spots. Add a mini chocolate chip and hold for a second or two. Repeat with remaining spots.

4. Carefully push in an orange tick tack for the nose.

5. Add pretzel sticks for arms.

6. Add a blob of icing to the bottom of the chocolate bell and gently place it on the doughnut head. Hold to secure.

7. Wow your friends and family with your creativity 🙂