Wrapping Up November 2014

It’s so hard to believe we are wrapping up November and heading into December with all of it’s festivities (see what I did there?). This brings us sooooo close to closing out 2014 and it’s crazy to me!! It’s been a fabulous month here at The Daily Digi! When you
become a member you get ALL of these kits for just $7.50 TOTAL (not each)! AMAZING DEAL!!

This is what our
members said at the end of last month:

I always look forward to the 1st day of the month to see what goodies are in store for me as a DigiFiles subscriber. Lots of goodness awaits! – Patsy

The Daily Digi is a gift I give myself. I look forward to the 1st of the month so I can see what wonderful things I am getting. – Shawna W

The 1st is my favorite day of the month, it’s like Christmas 12 times a year! – Lucrecia

Here’s a closer look at everything that is included this month:

Scrap Girls

Allison Pennington

Scrapping With Liz

Scraps by Missy

Meagan’s Creations

Designs by Ziska

Crossbone Cuts Designs

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In Which We Document The Days of December On Our Phone – for the overwhelmed and underachieved – (Android too)

Supplies: by Sahlin Studio and Brittish Designs (see below)

During the “holidays” (roughly October through the first of January), I am probably one of the most overwhelmed an underachieved people there is. I’ve said many, many times that just the thought of doing a December Daily project makes me want to crawl in a corner and cry. It’s always been completely overwhelming.

This week though, I have found myself thinking about December Daily, and thinking about how easy it would be to do on my phone. Soooooo, I’m jumping on board, I’m drinking the Kool-aid. I think I’m making it easy enough that I can actually do this and maybe you will too! I would LOVE to have some of YOU join in (#decembersuccess)!

I’ve posted before about using the Project Life App with DropBox, but I was really wanted to find an app that I could use that was available in iOS and Android. I wasn’t able to find ONE app that had everything I wanted that was dual platform friendly. I did, however, find an app that had everything I wanted for iOS and another one with the same features I was looking for in Android. Two apps, different platforms, similar features. Here’s a list of the features I wanted (for iOS and Android):

  • predesigned gridded collages
  • square format with four spots (two journal cards, two photos)
  • ability to access journal cards saved to DropBox, directly from the app (I didn’t want to have to save the cards to my phone, creating an extra step, and filling up my memory on my phone)
  • an export resolution that I could have printed into a small photo book (4×4) without compromising quality


I’m planning on using combinations of these products:

I’ve saved all of the journal cards from each collection to a folder in my DropBox on my computer called _DaysOfDecember (I started it with the _ so the folder will always be at the top). This folder automatically shows up on my phone. For more information about setting up DropBox on your phone, check out this iPhone tutorial or this Android tutorial.

My layout will be:

  • 2 journal/filler cards 3×4 (one that will include the number that correlates to the date)
  • 2 photos per day 4×6 (approximate size)
  • I’ll be using these collages in my app:

I am incredibly (INCREDIBLY) forgetful, so I will set an alarm on my phone for midday to remind me to take my photos and then another alarm at 9pm to remind me to put the page together. My plan (hope) is to create a page a day, as I go, so everything is done and ready to be uploaded for printing on January 1st.

An App For Android

Photo Grid is actually available on both iOS and Android. However, it does not have all of the features I was looking for in the iOS version, only the Android version (from what I could see). It is actually a very powerful app on the Android platform and seems really slick to use! I’m kind of, sort of jealous of it!

I found this tutorial that should help you get up and running pretty quickly (I’m not on Android, so I can’t do a step-by-step using digital products, sorry). The tutorial below for a different app on iOS, should help give you an idea of the process and workflow using digital supplies.

Images in Photo Grid can be exported at either720P, 1024P,1080P,1660P,1920P,2048P with both .JPG and .PNG format.

An App For iOS

Pic Stitch is an app I’ve been using for a very long time and it just so happens, that it does everything I wanted it to do.

Once in the app, select the template style you want to use:

You can see the collages I will be using in the middle row, above.

Once the collage is open, tap the photo spot you want to edit:

This is the menu that comes up:

My journal cards are saved in DropBox, so that’s what I will tap and show you here. The first time you tap Dropbox, you will need to login and enable access to your account by the app.

As stated above, my journaling cards for this project are in the _DaysOfDecember folder (just as an FYI, the _QR Code folder below contains the videos that have QR codes associated with them in photo books). I saved the journaling cards and filler cards to Dropbox from my computer; this step cannot be done from the phone unless you download the zip file from the store, on your phone, save it to Dropbox and use another app to unzip…easier just to do that part on your computer, I think.

Tap the folder that contains your filler cards and journaling cards and navigate to the card you want to use:

Here’s how it looks with the image added:

Adding a photo is the same; you can select photos from any Photo Album on your phone or Dropbox if you have them there. All of my photos were from my phone (and probably will be for this project, cause I’m lazy like that)

Here’s a look with both photos added:

Here’s a look with all of the collage spots filled in:

I also changed the size of the white stroke around the collage:

This app also has drop shadows (upper right corner), which were surprisingly, really, really good! There are a lot of other options you can play with too. Here’s a look at my completed layout:

This one has a number filler card so you could see what it would look like, I also applied a super subtle drop shadow:

I will be posting my progress on my personal Instagram @regardingsteph (yes, I’m having a little bit of anxiety committing myself like this…okay…more than a little).

So, come join in the fun I would LOVE to support you by double tapping your photos! Let’s use the #DecemberSuccess tag to make our posts easy to find and share love!

Be sure to watch The Daily Digi Instagram feed @dailydigi where I will be reposting and tagging others #decembersuccess posts

Thankful for BLACK Fridays

Fridays are full of digi goodness, and today is no exception! Here’s what’s new this week…

Bella Gypsy has 20 new products in Farmer’s Market, for $1 each. 12 of them are holiday mini kits!


A bright fun kit, full of things to document what brings you joy in life.


Scrapping with Liz has over 25 products you can grab for $1 this weekend….8 of them are brand new!


Kristin Aagard has several brand new items in the Farmer’s Market $1 sale at Scrap Orchard, including this fun Fast Food kit!


Make this year’s December photos AMAZING! Join Katrina Kennedy for the 2014 version of CaptureYourHolidays with added elements to make your holiday photos the BEST EVER! Class is only $37 if you register before December 1st!


Chelle has 40 items for just $1 in Scrap Orchard’s Farmer’s Market.


Black Friday Sale 40% off! New Goodies & Freebies. Sign up for my Newsletter at digiliciousdesign.com so you don’t miss a thing!


Farmer’s Market–23 items only $1 November 26 – December 1


Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs has nine new template sets that are on sale for $1 each during Scrap Orchard’s Farmer’s Market Sale, as well as 11 previously released template sets, also on sale for $1 each! Make sure you stock up!


Anna Aspnes is kicking off the holiday season with an ArtsyReflection take on a December Project using a new exclusive Holiday Template Album and a Black Friday sale store-wide (sale) that runs all weekend. Watch the video on the aA Youtube channel and get all the details on the [aA Blog].


*NEW* Happy Holidays Collection on sale for 40% Off through 11/30.


Meagan’s Creations has an awesome Black Friday deal for you! Choose any 4 templates for $4! (Recently released 2015 Calendar Templates count as 2 packs). Deal available at her Gotta Pixel and The Digichick stores! Save 40% on the rest of Meagan’s store too! Thursday, November 27th through Sunday, November 30th!


This is an amazing pack for documenting your 2015!!! I’m also having a 40%OFF store wide sale, don’t miss it!


New this week at Studio Blagovesta – Capturing life: November and big Black Friday SALE!


We are getting the holiday season going this weekend with a big sale on everything in the store at ScrapGirls!


A December to Remember, a collaboration with Vicki Stegall. Perfect for your holiday pictures


The Good Life Vol. 12 is new from Queen Wild Scraps (templates include page files).


Happy Thanksgiving From Us

Supplies by Etc Danyale

Happy happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Daily Digi to you and those you love!! If you are settling in after a long day of cooking (or maybe you have the day off?), and want some inspiration, take a look at these posts:

Photograph Your Thanksgiving

Questions to Ask Your Family

Time to Make Memories

Gather Up Some Journaling

Gather Memories

Fall Hybrid Projects

Fall Is My Favorite Thing To Scrap

Fall Front Porch Décor

Dressing an Autumn Table

Organizing Folders By Designer

Organizing Folders by Designer

For years and years, I have organized my digi scrap supplies first by Folder and then using tags. My system may be familiar to many of you: I saved my scrap products in folders organized first by Store name and then by Designer name. In my organizing software (ACDSee 15), I taged my product previews with basic information: Store Name, Designer Name, and product type (so kit, alpha, template, element pack).

It’s a method that works… but there are two little flaws that can add up to a lot of wasted time. First, when a designer moves stores or retires, I have to update my file locations. For those of us who’ve been scrapbooking a long time, we know that this happens a lot! The second problem is that if I let downloaded zip files linger in my Downloads folder for a while, I can forget which Designer belongs to which Store so I have to look it up before I can file it.

It’s simple enough to move the entire Designer folder to the correct location. I use BackBlaze for remote back-ups, and their system is smart enough to know when a file has been moved (so then it doesn’t re-upload it), but it still takes time for the system to scan every file and identify if it’s new or just moved. I also have to remember to change my EHD back-up, which I’m hit-or-miss on doing so then my main copy and local back-up don’t always match.

Organizing Folders by Designer

So I decided to create a new system organized just by Designer Name because generally that stays the same, even if a designer moves stores or retires.

A quick note: I use ACDSee 15 for organizing. My version supports embedded metadata for keywords, which means that my scrapbook files have the keyword tags contained in them. Even still, I did all of my files moves from within ACDSee to preserve the keyword tagging system. If the files are moved outside of the system, the embedded keywords can be restored by searching the folders.

First, I divided the alphabet into manageable groupings like this:

You can see I have folders for designers starting with ABC, DEF, GHI, etc. all organized by folders. I have a few other folders that I like to keep separated:

  • The first folder, “___to file” is just filled with products I have downloaded but haven’t had a chance to tag and organize into folders yet.
  • The second folder “_PS TOOLS”, is where I store all of my brushes, actions, styles and custom shapes for Photoshop.
  • The third folder “_SCRAP INSPIRATION” is where I keep all of my favourite tutorials, classes and digital scrapbooking magazines.

Within each alphabetized folder, I have the designers listed, like this:

I’m still sorting through all my designer folders, but this gives a good idea of how it will look.

(As a side note, I am on the creative teams for The Daily Digi and Sweet Shoppe Designs so I keep their products in separate folders to make it extra-easy for me to see at a glance which products are associated with their stores.)

On a related note, I’m using the same tagging system that I’ve described before and I’m tagging in the same way.

Resilient Folder Structure

This new folder organization structure ensures that even if designers move or retire, the folder organization stays the same. So far, I’m very happy with how it is working out. How do you organize your folders?

Organize your Pocket Scrapping and Project Life Cards

Do you have a little collection of pocket scrapping cards?

Maybe a large collection?

If you’ve ever spent too much time trying to find all your pocket scrapbooking and Project Life cards you are in the right place. I’ve got literally thousands of cards. Like 3745 at the time of this writing….

Today I’ll share a quick way to manage your cards in Photoshop Elements Organizer.

Search for standard pixel widths

To find all the pocket page cards in your collection search by pixel widths. Yes, it’s that easy. Digital pocket scrapbooking and Project Life style cards have specific dimensions that make them easy to find, even when designers don’t name them as pocket page cards.

For normal 300 dpi scrapbooking products the each inch is 300 pixels, so a 4×6 inch card will measure 1200×1800 pixels. You’ll find that a lot of designers have saved their pocket cards as JPGs as that make it easier to order online.
Persnickety prints explains why here.

Over the years there has been various pixel widths and heights used various designers (including
Becky Higgins Digital Project Life, but I managed to locate the majority of my stash with one simple search.

  1. Go to Find and click on By Details Metadata…
  2. Select the option Search for files which match all of the folloing criteria [AND]
  3. Select Pixel width is 1200 (this will pick up the 4inch wide cards)
  4. Click on the + to add another search term
  5. Select File name ends with jpg

(click images to enlarge)

Now this is what you’ll see…

For other card orientations you can search:

  • Pixel width & pixel height are 1200 for 4×4 cards
  • Pixel width is 1800 & pixel height is 1200 for 6×4 cards
  • Pixel width is 900 & pixel height is 1200 for 3×4 cards
  • Pixel width is 1200 & pixel height is 900 for 4×3 cards

Becky Higgins cards vary but are generally

  • Pixel width is 1802 & pixel height is 1200 for 6×4 title cards
  • Pixel width is 1867 & pixel height is 1267 for 6×4 journal cards
  • Pixel width is 892/893 & pixel height is 1199/1200 for 3×4 cards

Getting Organized

Once you have found all your pocket cards you can set up categories in Organizer (or other photo management software of your choice) to to quickly find them again.

Here’s my Keyword Tags to save you time! (Here’s how to import them into PSE Organizer)

Simply drag the keywords onto the cards.

Stack those cards

Designers often include variations on the color, size and orientation (portrait/landscape) of the cards and if you are like me, you don’t want to flick through them
all all the time.

In Organizer, just select the similar cards, right click then Stack – Stack Selected Photos.

Printable PDFs

If you have downloaded ‘printable’ PDF cards, you can do a quick search for all the PDFs in your library by searching for
Filenames ending in PDF. Then just drag the appropriate tags onto the files.

To use them on your digi pages, Katie has a great post showing
how to use PDF printables in digi scrapping.

Cards with Quotes

If you want to get fancy, you can add captions or tags to your cards to make it easier to find specific word art or quotes.

You could also add tags for filler or journal cards, or even sort your cards by colour. It all depends on how you work. I keep it simple and just tag my cards by size.

Having all my pocket page cards at my fingertips with a click of the Pocket Page Cards keyword makes it easy for me to browse though and more importantly, use my pocket scrapping supplies.

How do you manage your pocket page stash? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

PS Want to learn more quick ways to manage your stash?

Right here at the Daily Digi, Get Organized: Supplies will teach you the quick and easy way to get your supplies under control.

Not keen on taggging?
You won’t have to tag if you don’t want to.

Want to just collect all your Christmas supplies into one place? You can!

Inside Get Organized: Supplies there’s a worksheet to help you decide what organizing system will work for you and I’ll walk you step by step through the process. Tame that DSD shopping haul and use all the beautiful products you’ve purchased with Get Organized: Supplies.

Get Organized: Supplies

Adding a Cluster to a Collage

Supplies: photo collage template by Janet Phillips (adjusted for Lightroom); cluster and paper layer template by Scrapping with Liz (pulled from template); papers and elements by Kristin Cronin Barrow and Jenn Barrette. Font is TypewriterScribbled. Mickey and Minnie “magic shot” created using image from Google.

I have been enjoying creating my photo collages in Lightroom and then bringing them into Photoshop to add my papers, embelishments, and fun stuff. I have been doing this for several months and have been shocked at how fast I’ve been able to complete layouts. I have, however, missed my paper layers and small clusters.

When I was visiting with Liz (Scrapping with Liz) for her podcast, I got the idea to use the clusters on her templates included in The Digi Files this month on my collage layouts. This is not really a new technique and it’s something we’ve discussed on The Daily Digi a few times over the years.

I was so excited when this ‘old idea’ popped into my head, because I really do LOVE Liz’s talent and ability for layering papers. It truly makes my heart happy! It’s not something I do as easily and naturally on my own.

I started with my layout collage created in Lightroom and brought it into Photoshop on a blank canvas:

I opened Liz’s template and selected the cluster and paper layers:

With the move tool selected, just dragged and dropped them onto my collage canvas:

Then, I moved those layers to the far edge, where I wanted them:

I needed to turn a few layers off that were in the way (notice the word strips at the bottom):

Last, I added all of my papers and goodies to the layout:

I’ve used this technique on many layouts since and it’s been so much fun!! I always enjoy trying new techniques or recycling old ones in a new way to change things up. What have you been doing to change things up?

I Ordered Myself a Mug

Back in March, I went away for the weekend with a friend. While I was gone, my husband did the sweetest thing. He took all six kids out and tried to get a good photo of them so they could have it put on a mug for my birthday.

The results were hilarious. Not only did he realize that it is nearly impossible to get a good photo of all six kids together, but also he realized too late that getting a photo on a mug isn’t something you can even have done in Indonesia.

So, a few days later on my birthday, I opened this. And yes, the picture was glued.

I was promised that when we got back to the States, they would order me a mug.

Well, we’ve been busy and it hasn’t happened. So I took matters into my own hands and decided to order the mug myself.

The only problem was that I couldn’t find the photo. My husband had actually had me merge a few photos together to get a good one and for the life of me, I couldn’t find the one we had edited.

So I had to look through the other photos. And boy did I have some winners to choose from!

Zachary didn’t want to be in the photos, so he started crawling away.

They pulled him back, and he just sat down.

So then they just all got down and crawled…Zachary looks scared!

They then tried a new pose. These were cute, but they won’t fit well on a mug.

Next was a brilliant idea…why don’t they just hold Zachary?

He didn’t seem to like Caleb, So Alaina gave it a try.

Nope, not working.

So let’s just put him down again. Off he goes! I think the older kids have had it. What’s wrong with this kid?

What are you crazy people doing?

Everyone seems happy now!

So which one did I choose? It was hard, but think the photo of Zachary staring at his crazy family is a perfect way to sum up the day. He caused all the problems and then had the audacity to look at the other five as if they were doing something wrong. Or else to say, “Who me?”

So what’s the point of all this?

Sometimes, the best memories are the real ones. They are the days that didn’t go quite right, the not-so-perfect hair day, the day when you burnt the dinner five minutes before guests arrived, the day you forgot to put the coffee pot where it belongs and the coffee brewed all over your counter.

Life isn’t perfect. It doesn’t have to be. But it’s real and we can embrace it all — the good, the bad, and the downright crazy — or we can flitter away our precious memories wishing for everything to be perfect.

No thank you. Each day, as I sip my coffee, I’ll remember the craziness of these little people and the laughs that come with it.

Funtastic Friday on Saturday

It’s SATURDAY and we have some Funtastic Friday goodness for you today!!!!!! Are you ready to see what’s going on in Digiland? Here’s what we found for you!

Amy Wolf:

This Friday we release our Document your December collection at The Lilypad. New products in this category will be 30% off this weekend!


Angelclaud ArtRoom:


Bella Gypsy Designs:


Chelle’s Creations:


Crossbone Cuts:


Digilicious Design:


Erica Zane:


Etc. by Danyale:


Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs:




Heather T:


Jennifer Labre Designs:

It’s time for the Pickle Barrel Promo at Pickleberrypop! Buy all six of Jennifer Labre’s new collection, Better Together, for just $6 and get the word art for free!


Kimeric Kreations:

Timeless – New this week from Kimeric Kreations


Kristin Aagard:


Queen Wild Scraps:

State of Mind: East Coast includes templates for Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. All template sets include page files.


Re Kneipp:


Sahlin Studio:


Sausan Designs:


Scrapbook Lady:

A secret sale just for Daily Digi readers! Katie decided to mark down her most used template set for her own personal layouts for this weekend only. Pick up the Segmented pocket page template set for only $3 through Monday! Sale price will show up when added to cart.


Snips and Snails Designs:

*NEW* Everyday Grattitude Collab by Snips and Snails Designs, Southern Serenity Designs, and Memory Clips. 30% Off through 11/23 only at The DigiChick.


Studio Blagovesta Gosheva:


Studio Vicki Robinson:

Studio ViVa Artistry:


Studio Wendy:


Sugary Fancy Designs:


Tangie Baxter:


Two More Days:


Vicki Stegall:


I Heart Christmas


WELCOME BACK to Tanya of Crossbone Cuts Designs! I’m so happy to have her joining us. I love Tanya’s designs! Not just the Disney inspired collections, but the super fun themed kits throughout her store! It was a joy to visit with Tanya and learn how she got started in digital scrapbooking and design. We also chatted about where inspiration comes from and a special product she created just for me!

You can listen below (on the site), download here, or subscribe in iTunes:

Let’s take a closer look at “I Heart Christmas” that is included in
The Digi Files this month:

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of
The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Crossbone Cuts Designs’s contribution:


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: I Heart Christmas by Crossbone Cuts Designs; Fonts: Bariol and Emily’s Candy.


Layout by Tuesday. Supplies: I Heart Christmas by Crossbone Cuts Designs; Barely Fall Here (template) by Amy Martin; Fonts: The Velvet Vixen by Heather Joyce.


Layout by Sula. Supplies: I Heart Christmas by Crossbone Cuts Designs; Fonts: 09 KutUps, DJB Fan Girl.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: I Heart Christmas by Crossbone Cuts Designs; Scenic Circles (template) by Scrapbook Lady.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


My name is Tanya and I am from southern California. When I am not designing I am hanging with my boyfriend of 11 years Chris, my family and my four puppies. I also love going to Disneyland!! It is my home away from home.



Who wouldn’t be inspired by puppies in costume!? Dressing up my dogs is by far one of my most favorite parts of Halloween =) And of course I try to not to pass up the chance to scrap with my own products!



I had been a paper scrapper/card maker/stamper since I was really young. I wanna say maybe 10 years old? When I got to be a little older I got more into scrapping I would get burned out really fast. Having to drag everything out and put everything away and the mess!! Oh man, the mess. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Then at a ScrapExpo in early 2009 I came across someone teaching digital scrapbooking. When I first saw it I remember thinking how silly it was. There was nothing to touch on the page. No depth. But as we walked around the expo the thought of being able to still scrap but not have the mess kept eating away in the back of my mind. So I went back and bought a book on how to get started in digital scrapbooking. I started that very day and never looked back! Once I got the hang of it I started applying for creative teams. Eventually I found ScrapMatters and got accepted to their Creative Team. In 2011, ScrapMatters had thier Design Star competition and I decided to compete on a whim. I ended up loving it and a couple months later became a designer there! Then when ScrapMatters decided to close it’s doors I was soo lucky to be offered a spot as a Orchard Girl at Scrap Orchard. They have welcomed me with open arms and I couldn’t be happier!


There are a lot of things that inspire me to create. A photo, a color palette, a specific request, etc. I can find inspiration just about anywhere. I love creating things in photoshop because it amazes me that it can actually be done. Who knew that the awesome things that come in these kits that we love can be created on a computer? It is crazy.


Computer: I have a 17″ Macbook Pro with a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processor running OS X 10.9.4

Program: I use Photoshop CS5 for designing. When I scrap I always create my layout in Photoshop Elements 8 first. I love the project bin and have no idea how I could scrap a page without it.

Camera: I use a couple! My Sony NEX-5R, Sony QX-100 and my iPhone5.

Anything Else: I do have a Bamboo Create tablet but I rarely use it. Most people find it funny that I don’t use a mouse either. I do all my scrapping and designing using the trackpad on my laptop.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions! There is no such thing as a stupid question. I still come across things in the scrap and Photoshop world that I have to ask others about. There is always something new to learn.


This is my current favorite product. I just LOVE the colors and I love when a kit just comes together so easy. I had so many ideas in my head and I couldn’t get them out fast enough. In the end I love love love the way it turned out! It was inspired by my love of Flo’s Cafe in Carsland at Disney California Adventure!



This product is a total labor of love. It took a really long time to organize and create, but in the end it turned out perfect. A friend asked me to make a autograph book for her kids to take on their Disney vacation. I am a fan of showing my personality and creativeness when I am in the parks so the generic autograph books they sell in the parks have never appealed to me. I knew when she asked that I needed to create something special. I think I managed to achieve that to the best of my ability. I am so happy that other people have loved it as well!


Here are some of my favorite products by Crossbone Cuts Designs:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Crossbone Cuts Designs’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






Go have a look in Crossbone Cuts Designs’s store! We will randomly select TWO winners to win $10 in product! All winners will be selected through the Rafflecopter widget below. There are several ways to enter and you can do ALL of them to gain more entries for yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway