Stretching Your Stash: Educational Supplies

One of the hardest parts of having little ones is keeping them busy. This is especially true for me as I try to homeschool my older kids. The little kids want to be involved, but “school” for the littles is much lower on my priority list. I think kids should be running, jumping, playing, imagining, and having fun. But, I know they can also be eager to learn and so I like to give them a few educational things to do so they start to get a feel for what school is like.

Using your digi scrapping supplies for educational activities isn’t a new idea. In fact, Kate wrote a whole post on it. And I shared some of my activities back in my first year of homeschooling. I’ve been a long time fan of using Kate Hadfield’s designs for my own homeschool activities, so I was thrilled to see her be a part of this month’s Digi Files! It’s always fun to take her designs and whip something up for my little ones.

My daughter is three and she is at the age where she is ready for some simple activities that don’t take long. I created just a few easy games for her. When I make these sorts of activities, I often laminate them and let my kids use a wet erase marker so that they can be used again and again. Or, if I plan to just print and let it be a one use item, I leave off the background in order to save ink. The laminated cards are great to take in the car!

First, I made a simple tracing activity. Kids at this age need to learn tracking and start to grasp the idea that we move across the page from left to right. So, a cute little cat-catch-mouse page was in order! For the chains, I used the one that came in the collection and then added, deleted, rotated, cut, and pasted different parts in order to make different chains and tracing patterns.

Next, I made a simple color matching activity. All she has to to is draw lines to match the colors. This activity helps with color awareness, deductive reasoning, and hand-eye coordination.

Finally, I made an item-matching game. The question is simply, “Which items go together?” Since my daughter is just three, this will be printed and she can makes lines from one item to another.

For an older child, this activity would be great to use as a chance to practice fine motor skills with cutting. I added circles for a child to cut around. They then could just stack the matching pairs together.

See how easy it is? Using your digital scrapbooking supplies for educational purposes is simple and fun. Give it a try!