My First AdoramaPix Album: THIS IS OUR LIFE

I’ve printed over 2000 scrapbook pages.

I’ve done PHOTO A DAY since January 2009.

I’ve done hybrid pages, home decor items, and have printed photo canvases.

But this, by far, is my favorite project EVER.

Last December, I created a set of templates to sell in my shop at Sweet Shoppe Designs. As usual, I wanted to try the templates before I sold them. I had (in vain) attempted Project Life for all of three weeks at the beginning of the year and so I already had photos from those weeks chosen and placed in a folder. I grabbed them, plopped them in my templates, and then…

I was amazed.

I couldn’t believe how fast I had just gotten three weeks worth of photos set into templates. Could it really be this easy?

I kept going, and going…and going. Over the course of a few days, in just over 14 hours of work, I had more than 1500 photos ready to go in an album. I was so excited.

In fact, I was so excited that I created an entire class based around the project. I want others to experience what I did.

I recorded the videos for the class a few months back and I actually end the videos by saying something along the lines of, “I haven’t printed my album yet, but I will.”

And I did.


Steph has been singing the praises of AdoramaPix for ages, so once we arrived back in the States in June, I placed myorder. I then patiently waited stalked the mailman for days waiting to see the result of my labor of love.

When my two volumes arrive, I ripped into the package, and started laughing. They were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!


  • The quality of these books is INCREDIBLE. I’ve printed with other photobook companies and these don’t even compare. For a small gift album, another company’s book might hold up, but a project as precious as this, I wouldn’t trust anyone else.
  • I was first blown away with the quality of the covers. They were strong and had a beautiful semi-gloss finish.
  • The binding on these books is TOUGH. I printed a large album a few years ago with another company and the binding broke the first time I looked through it!
  • The lay flat pages are AMAZING. Did you read that right? AMAZING.
  • The color quality is out of this world. I’ve used a number of different printers for pages and albums and nothing has come even close to this. It’s spot on to what I see on my monitor.
  • The pages are THICK and STRONG. I don’t have to worry that a flip-through is going to tear pages.
  • I have albums that my family will cherish for generations.




Check out my SCRAP YOUR YEAR CLASS to learn about putting an album of your own together.

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How about you? Have you printed from AdoramaPix? How was your experience?