Organize your supplies in just a couple hours

Is your hard drive filled to overflowing with gorgeous digital scrapbooking? If you struggle to find kits when you come to scrapping or get frustrated using the folder system, help is at hand.

Get Organized: Supplies takes your from a download folder overflowing with zip files, to a zen organized stash which you have designed to work hand in hand with the way you scrap. In five lessons, I show you how organizing doesn’t have to be time consuming or fussy.

After using Photoshop Elements Organizer for the past seven years, I’ve learned a lot of shortcuts for organizing your digi scrapping stash – and I reveal them all inside this class!

You can watch step by step videos and follow along in the detailed handouts. Each lesson includes motivating, 15-minute challenges, that will help you to achieve your goals in bite-sized chunks. Melissa will demonstrate different ways to organize and the best part is, with Photoshop Elements Organizer, you can mix and match your organizing system to make it work for you!

No matter how big or how disorganized your stash is you can start getting organized today.

*These classes are in a PDF format with the lesson videos embedded directly in the PDF*

Thanks again Melissa . . . you can’t begin to know how thrilled I am that this finally worked. I’ve struggled with so many other options and I so happy this one really paid off. If it weren’t way past my bedtime I’d be dancing but it is time for sleep. Thank you a hundred times over… you are truly awesome and inspiring !!! – Anna

When you have gigabytes of supplies it can seem like a never ending task to get organized.

  • Some people tell you to rename and move files
  • Some people tell your about expensive new software or obscure plugins
  • Some people tell you to convert your files to new formats
  • Some people tell you to give up

I tell you that it doesn’t have to be that hard.

You can organize your photos and supplies in minutes not hours, and all you need is Photoshop Elements. There’s no converting, no endless tagging and no lost and corrupted files.

Who am I to claim that organizing doesn’t have to be boring, time consuming and fussy?

G’day, I’m Melissa Shanhun, digital scrapbooking educator, Aussie mum and all-round creative person.

Over the years I’ve moved my creating to my computer to help me create more projects in less time. Being a teacher at heart, I can’t help but want to share my inside info with you, so you spend less time organizing and fighting with software and more time doing the scrapbooking you love.

Over the past three years, I’ve helped over hundreds of women here in Perth and around the world, learn how they can organize their photos using their computers. With the automated features inside Photoshop Elements Organizer, managing your digital scrapbooking stash doesn’t need to be tedious or time consuming. Thanks to the overwhelming feedback from over 350 students the first run of this class, I will be running Get Organized again, this time focusing on supply organizing.

Why struggle on your own, when I can show you how to get organized?

Don’t go it alone – you’ll need someone to help you get over the hurdles and hiccups that come along with the technology jungle.

  • Do you have piles of digital scrapbooking supplies?
  • Do you have a mess of folders on your computer?
  • Do you want to get organized quickly?

Join me to SUPERCHARGE your supply organization.

you will learn:

  • Simple ways to organize your supplies – saving hours of your time!
  • How to import your supplies into Photoshop Elements Organizer
  • Time-saving, ready-made keyword tags to download
  • Fast searching techniques that will help your complete layouts with the perfect supplies in no time!
  • Managing the import process – so you don’t have to remember what you’ve imported and what you haven’t
  • Setting up your Digi home base – so everything is in one place
  • Unzipping your files – so you don’t find corrupt files and need downloads reset
  • Advanced searching techniques so you can find the supplies you need in a snap – forget hunting for that perfect red button
  • How to maintain your system in just a few minutes at a time – so things keep running like clockwork
  • Creating a hands-free backup system that won’t cost the earth – so your memories are safe

I know you’ll be ecstatic when you have your supplies at your fingertips and put your software to work for you.

Get Organized: Suppliesis on sale for a very limited time for $33.60 (reg $42).

This class is designed for Photoshop Elements 11 or newer on a Mac or PC. Most the material is relevant to earlier versions (6+ on the PC and 9+ on the Mac), but the interface has changed a little.