Editing Camera Photos on Your Phone

Editing Camera Photos On Your Phone

There are some really incredible photo-editing apps available for virtually all smartphone platforms. I love using VSCO Cam, PicTapGo and Mextures to edit and enhance my iPhone photos.

Did you know that you can also use your smartphone’s easy and powerful apps to edit your regular (non-phone) camera pictures as well?

Import Your Camera Photos to Your Smartphone

The first step is to copy your photos from your camera to your smartphone. How you do this depends on both your camera and your smartphone. There are a few options:

  • Wireless Transfer: If your camera is WiFi-enabled, you may be able to transfer directly to your smartphone.
  • Corded Transfer: You may own (or be able to purchase) cords to connect your camera to your smartphone.
  • Via Computer: You can upload your photos to your computer and then connect your smartphone to the computer to access the photos.

My camera is not WiFi enabled and I do not have cords to transfer to my smartphone so I needed to transfer my camera photos to my computer first and then pull them off with my smartphone.

Just a note for RAW-image format shooters (like myself), you will need to convert your RAW images to JPGs to make them usable by the smartphone photo editing apps. I use Adobe Lightroom so it’s as simple as right-clicking on the RAW images, selecting Export and choosing to export full-resolution JPGs to a computer file folder.

There are many tutorials online for how to transfer photos to a smartphone so do a web search for your particular camera and/or smartphone.

Edit Your Camera Photos in Your Smartphone

I imported this image from my camera to my smartphone:

Using VSCO Cam, I edited it in about 10 seconds to this to subtly pop the greens and add a bit of contrast.

Okay, it’s pretty subtle! But, I think that’s a good thing — I don’t like my dSLR photos to be over-processed.

The best part is that now the photos I took with my smartphone and my dSLR can be processed the same so they will look good together on the same scrapbook page.

More Ways to Use Your Photos

You can also use your smartphone to create fun collages, mixing your smartphone images with your regular camera images. I used the Moldiv collage app to make this collage:

You can also use your dSLR photos in your photo-of-the-day in apps like Collect.

I hope you found this idea helpful!