Taking It Easy: Using Theme Kits and Templates

Taking It Easy: Using Themed Kits and Templates

There are days when I want to create and create and create. I make pages from scratch and try out new tricks and it’s freeing and fun.

Then there are the days where I don’t want to create a thing. So I don’t. Those are good days for watching a movie or curling up with a good book.

There are also in-between times when I want to create, but nothing is coming to me.

For those days, a good starting place is scrapbooking using a template and a themed kit, used on theme. There can be nothing easier than scrapbooking about dinosaurs using a dino kit and a template.

Or using a zoo kit and template to capture a great day at the zoo:

Wild About You Zoo

Or an outdoor adventure kit and a template to scrapbook a hike in the woods:


Here’s a trip to Parliament scrapbooked using a Canada-themed pack and a two-page template:


And a house-cleaning themed kit used with a simple template:

Squeeky Clean

These were all pages that were quickly and easily put together and capture some fun memories.

If you normally like to push the envelope creatively, but are feeling in a bit of a rut, I highly recommend trying a page or two out using a themed kit and a template. I’ve found it can be just the thing to get me feeling creative again.