It’s That Time of Year: BACK TO SCHOOL!

It’s hard to believe that summer is over (or nearly over for some) and it is time for school to start once again.

Even though we homeschool, I love the beginning of a new school year. It’s like getting another January 1 — a day to start things fresh and new, to establish new routines, and to be better about meeting goals and plans for the year.

If you are like most people, you’ll want to document the beginning of the year in fun ways. I have been saving some links to fun back to school photo ideas that I wanted to share. Each image is linked to its source, so enjoy all the talent behind the photos.

I love the multiple chalkboards in this one!

I think the pencil with the grade is such a cute idea!

How fun to put a child’s future aspirations on display with the grade in chalk behind.

I love this group photo, especially with the numbers behind!

This printable from Etsy is oh-so-cute, especially with the sweet eyes peeping out from behind.

This is just so sweet and innocent!

I love the bright colored dress that pops against the chalkboard sign.

I think these hashtag signs are perfect for high school students!

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