Scrapbooking 2004

Scrapbooking 2004

I had a good year in 2004. It’s hard to believe that it was 10 years ago! I was in my first year of marriage and my husband and I had just bought our first house. It was new construction, so we spent a lot of the year designing the house interior and planning our move. We also made time for some trips and lots of mini-adventures in the city.

In 2004, we had a film SLR camera, but film was expensive so we didn’t shoot a lot of it. We did have a point-and-shoot digital camera. It was a pretty fancy gadget for the time. I learned a lot about composition using it. Unfortunately, it was only 2 megapixels. To contrast that with what is available today: my iPhone 5 rear camera is 8 megapixels and my dSLR is 21.1 megapixels. So, my 2004 photos are pretty tiny.

So, how do you scrapbook little photos? I thought about Instagram photos which are also small and how I would scrapbook those. I was inspired by the look of the Collect photo app so I mimicked that design in a grid format, sized to work with standard 3×4 pocket cards, and added a slight outer stroke around each grid section to give them definition.

Then I just clipped photos or cards to each spot and replaced the sample journaling with words to describe each photo. It turned out like this:

2004 Page 1a

The photos used aren’t much larger than the squares that you see on the page. But, even though they are so small, they are still a valuable record of my year. The album is coming along very quickly by focusing on just photos and filler cards.

2004 1b

Scrapbooking 2004

I played with things a bit, adding more or less photos depending on the story that needed to be told.

2004 5b

For the pages here, I used a mix of journal cards and papers and elements from kits at Sweet Shoppe Designs, where I’m on the creative team. I really enjoyed incorporating all of the filler cards because in my current-year pocket album, I tend to fill the pages with journaling and photos and there isn’t much room left for artsy cards. I had so many great cards in my stash and this album was a perfect way to make them a star attraction on pages.

2004 album

2004 album

(Each page is linked to credits.)

This album has been such a joy to make! I loved going back and browsing our old photos and adding notes to each one. It’s coming along so quickly, that I think I’ll have a print-ready version very soon. It will be so nice to have it on my bookshelf so that we can remember our great year of 2004.