Organizing and Scrapbooking Birthday Photos

Events. It seems like you either love scrapping them or tend to avoid them (like the plague!)

Here at the Daily Digi,
Janet, Kristin and Katie have given us lots of tips and inspiration for scrapping events, like birthdays. But when it comes down to it, a lot of the challenge for me is the photos. I am fortunate to have a number of people in our family taking and sharing photos at family events, and it can be a challenge to collate and select the best and most meaningful ones for my layouts.

I use Photoshop Elements Organizer to
manage my photos, and when I have an event with dozens of photos to sift through I love the simplicity it brings to the process. Today, I’ll walk you through the process I used to collect all my photos into one easy to handle place.

Home Base

import from computer

The first step is to round up all your photos. I go into this step in detail as part of the Get Organized: Photos class, but here’s an outline of how you can manage photos from all the various devices. You can use the import feature to import your photos from where ever they are currently located on your computer or to download them from a Camera or Card Reader. On Windows, Organizer can watch folders for new photos (or scrapbooking supplies!) and automatically import them. So I use that feature to my advantage and set up one home base folder and have all my photos stored there. If you are using a Mac, simply drag the new folder of photos onto the Organizer window to prompt it to import your folders, or you can import feature.

Point and Shoot Photos

I use an
Eye-fi memory card to automatically upload my photos to my computer, and file them in monthly folders. Thanks to watched folders, Organizer imports them the next time I opened it up. I don’t even have to think about it and I never run out of space on my memory card. What a relief!

Phone Photos

You can use the
Camera Upload feature to sync photos Dropbox and any computer linked to your Dropbox account. Again, I rely the watched folders to pull in my Dropbox Camera Uploads.

DSLR Photos

I don’t own a DSLR, but a couple of relatives do and are happy to share the photos with me. For Edward’s birthday, my brother shared a folder of photos with me via Microsoft One Drive and I just added them to my
watched folder location on my computer and Organizer imported them the next time I opened it up.



Now the fun begins! With all my photos automatically pulled into Photoshop Elements Organizer, I can easily view just the photos from the birthday party by:

  1. Click on the Events tab in Photoshop Elements Organizer
  2. Switching to Smart Events
  3. Selecting the year, month and date of the event

I’ll then add details to the stack of photos there, by clicking Name Events.


To see all the photos from all the different cameras snapping photos on that day, just double click on the event stack.


Support your Scrapping

Where you go from here is up to you. My process with a party page is to grab one photo I love of the birthday boy (or girl!) and then include a sampling of photos of the guests and party decor.

Find the Money Shot

When you browse throughout your photos you can easily mark your best photos with a star rating. Just type 1-5 on the keyboard when you have that photo selected. Easy! To find all your five star photos, just click on the stars at the top of the Organizer window. It will instantly filter your photos.


I don’t star rate every photo, I’ll add a 1-3 star (type 0 to remove a star rating from your photo).

I came up with these few shots as my best.


Bits and pieces

I like to include photos of the guests and decor in a collage style page. I tend to put the story along with my ‘money shot’ and have a matching
opposing page.


For birthdays, templates make the final scrapping easy.

Here’s my plan of action:

You could easily make your own design, to work with the photos you want to include.

Scrapping a Birthday at Home

201006 Emily first birthday at home _3600201006 Emily first birthday at home pics_3600

I used Erin Ink’s kit and templates to scrap these pages about our little girl.

Scrapping a Party

20130428 Party2013 04 28 Party R

I used Flergs About a Boy Kit to scrap these pages, they coordinate with Edward’s first year album.

Birthdays are for Grown Ups too!

There’s no reason not to scrap your own birthday.
For this pair of pages I emphasized a photo on each page.

2011 04 07 Melissa 29_36002011 04 07 Melissa 29 2_3600

Credits: Dreaming of Spring by Flergs, Template by Jen Lindsay

I used just the ‘money shot’ for my 27th birthday and paired it with Karen Lewis Designz template and kit.
2010 04 03 Melissa birthday_3600

Credits: Karen Lewis Designz Life is Good kit and template.

Though the pages vary in terms of journaling and number of photos you can see the same framework beneath them all.

What is your go-to method for scrapping event pages?

PS If you want to learn more about organizing your photos to make scrapping easier, you’ll want to join me for Get Organized: Photos. In five 15-minute sessions you can get a handle on your photos and set up a system that works for you!

Get Organized: Photos