Plan Your Roadtrip The Easy Way

Summer is not over and there is still time to plan your next road trip! Our family is gearing up for a crazy 40-day trip to over 20 states. We are filled with equal amounts of excited anticipation and total fear. Seriously? Six kids. One pop-up. 40 Days. I am pretty sure we are crazy. But crazy is good and I can’t wait to show my kids around this beautiful country of ours!

One of the sites I have been spending a lot of time on lately is Roadtrippers. It’s a fun site I discovered via Pinterest and it has been great in helping me find things to see and do along the way, especially in areas I am not familiar with.

On the main page, you type in your start and end locations. In this example, I am using Colorado Springs as my starting point and Northwest Arkansas as my ending point. This is a two-three day leg of our trip that we have nothing planned for. I wanted to see if there were things to do along the way. Once I plugged in my info, a map of my route showed up.

In the upper left part of the screen, there is a menu box where you can input what you would like the site to find for you. You can choose a number of options including food, attractions, nature, and shopping. You can also choose how many miles off your course you are willing to go.

I chose nature since that is what we are most interested in. It then gave me options for what kinds of nature I was interested in.

I chose “view all” and then it plotted points along my way. On the bottom of the screen, thumbnail images of the various points pop up and I can click on each of them to learn more about them.

The site seems to be entirely user-built. This means that the information on the site is from other site users. As people add information, more is available. I love the community approach to finding the best places to visit!

If you look at the individual screens, you realize you can do a few things.

  • You can get contact information
  • You can see prices
  • You can add the place to your trip
  • You can write a review if you’ve been there
  • You can pin it to your trip or to your bucket list
  • You can upload a photo for others to see

In addition to planning that is specific to your trip, the site also has fun guides to help you explore more.

I haven’t had a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of this site, but I think that it is a great resource for trip planning and also for memory keeping. I love doing things like saving screen shots of maps so we can see exactly where we are going and where we have been.

An added bonus? We’re doing a shorter camping trip this weekend and I found a place to see along the way. How cool is this?