Easy “All About Me” Pages

Easy All About Me Pages

I keep a separate album for my All About Me pages. These pages are a chance to document thoughts about my daily life, either on current events or from before I had children. My 8 year old daughter loves to flip through these pages and ask about them. And I love chatting with her about my scrapbooking!

Sometimes my AAM pages capture Big Memories — pages documenting things like my graduation from university, our engagement story, stories about trips I went on and our wedding.

But sometimes, I just want to scrapbook a little thought. And it turns out that those are some of my favourite pages! I never feel like I have “wasted” a page on something little. Even if the thoughts or memories are about little things, I think there is value in having my kids read them and, of course, I greatly enjoy the scrapbooking process.

Here are a few pages of little things about myself that I have added to my scrapbook album:

Favourite TV Shows

Catching Up on Shows

Taking Macro Flower Photos

Petal Perfect

Random Thoughts About Home

Happy Place

Tea Time!


One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m often inspired to do these little memory pages when I have a themed kit or word art that sparks my interest. I think that because the kits often inspired these pages, they were quick and enjoyable to make. I didn’t spend hours documenting a big event or trying to preserve a factual account of something that happened. These pages just capture a few little thing that I liked at the time I made the pages.

Do you include little memories like these in your scrapbooking?