Making Memories: ICE COFFEE POPS

It’s no secret that I love making memories and that I love food. And that’s why combining the two is always a win at our house. Making yummy and fun food for my kids is so much a part of who I am and how I try to demonstrate my love for them.

But cooking and making fun treats for the kids doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Oftentimes, it can be quick and easy and oh-so-yummy!

Because it’s hot out and the kids are always asking for a snack, I decided to get a new set of popsicle makers. I haven’t been thrilled with the ones I have owned in the past and so I decided I would try for a new style. These work like a push-up and so far, I LOVE them (I got them on Amazon.) They come in a pack of six different colors (which works great for my six kids!) I like the fact that they can come with tops and can be frozen in a small space (I stuck mine upright in a plastic container). I also like the fact that they don’t drip all over the kids when they are eating.

I’ve been pinning recipes for different kinds of popsicles and once these makers arrived, it was time to try one out. We’re a coffee-loving family so it only made sense to make some ice coffee pops! And they were YUMMY.

Recipe adapted from HERE

In order to save this fun memory, I scrapped a quick page. I don’t spend hours on my pages, but I do want to make sure I preserve the memory. I grabbed one of my templates, a cute kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs, and got scrapping. In fifteen minutes, I had this:

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