Digital Newspaper Clipping

Do you remember clipping newspaper articles when you were a kid? I do! I clipped articles that had mentions of my school and news stories that I thought were interesting.

Whether it is local news, a mention of your family, or a big historic event, newspapers articles are a great source for memory-keepers. Here’s a special front page that my husband’s grandmother clipped in 1969. It’s fair to say that this was a historic event!

Front page of the Globe & Mail newspaper, July 21, 1969

I don’t subscribe to any physical newspapers, but I do read the news online. The digital equivalent of clipping a newspaper article is to take a screenshot on your phone or a print-screen on your computer monitor.

Here’s the biggest event that I’ve captured on my phone — the birth of Prince George.

I think my kids will one day enjoy that Prince George’s birth was “breaking news” and I was there to see it. Screenshots like this are a great touch to add to pocket pages and for topics for regular scrapbook pages.

Do you take screenshots to use in your scrapbooking?