7 Signs To Photograph On Your Summer Vacation

Signs mark place and time. They guide us into towns and greet us as we arrive. They say good buy and help us to remember who has come before us. They shout things at us and make simple suggestions.

Whether your travel takes you to popular tourist destinations, magical kingdoms, national monuments, or just around your own community look for the signs that mark your way. They are fun photographs to shoot and help add to the story on your scrapbook pages.

Here are my seven favorite signs to photograph. I thought I’d change things up and share the scrapbook pages where I’ve used my sign photos! Some signs are easy to spot and some are just a little trickier to find.

City, Town, & State Signs

Location markers are easy to find and come with huge variety. Look for signs as you enter and exit a new place, population markers, signs in front of state houses, and names posted on buildings. Shoot these signs wide so you get a big picture of the location.


Streets and Highways

We follow a path when we travel, whether it is a well planned path or a spontaneous journey to see what we can discover. Highway markers and street signs help us on that path. Whether they are iconic roads like Route 66 or little known streets of a small town, photograph them to mark your place. I like to give signs on a poles a little bit of a tilt in camera for added interested.

Height Markers

Height markers are at the top of my sign list! For most signs, I don’t include people, letting the words and shape take over the frame. I LOVE the story and moment that height markers have when I add my son to the frame. I love to return to vacation spots to get comparative views to notice just how much he has grown.

When shooting height markers, let the numbers be a focal point in the frame. Notice how 42 is at a third intersection so your eye travels right to THE spot.

POTD 022709

LOAD Day 13 | 365 0726 to 0728

Restaurant Names

Is food a part of your travel? Grab photos of the signs outside your favorite spots (with or without people). We return to Lucky Cafe every July 28th, so a sign photo is a must. If you don’t want to see yourself in the reflection of restaurant windows, stand at a bit of an angle to the sign.

LOAD 10 | 21-Lucky Cafe

LOAD 10 | Visiting The City

Interesting Suggestions

Many signs tell us what to do. Watch your step. Yield to oncoming traffic. Step out. They are an excellent way to add a whimsical element to your page. Try photographing them at an angle that plays up the sign itself, like the stop sign below or fill the frame so the words take center stage.

POTD 080808

LOAD 10 | 4-Day1AtDisney


Hand written prices draw me in. I love the personal touch they provide a travel scene whether it’s a local farmer’s market or a small boutique. Price signs also help mark the time, providing a comparison for the future. Think about photographing gas prices, amusement park prices, market prices, and entry fees.

POTD 081609 - Long Beans

LOAD Day 14 | 365 0729 to 0802

Signs With A Little Humor

I love to laugh. Look for humorous signs that give suggestions that may not be immediately clear or with funny people or drawings. Of course, if there are cut outs for heads, ALWAYS get a head or two in the shot as well.


What’s your favorite vacation sign to photograph?

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