Six Reasons to Scrapbook Older Photos of Your Growing Kids

My daughter recently turned 8 years old. It’s unbelievable to me – I remember turning 8 myself! (Although that is stretching my memory a bit now!)

Lately, I’ve been scrapping some baby and toddler photos of her. As she’s getting older, it has been nice to reflect on her little baby days.Do you have kids who are growing up fast? Here are six reasons why I think it’s a good idea to scrap older photos of them today:

To remember the little details

It’s amazing how quickly we forget the little details! How long were you in the hospital? What was the weather like? How did you spend your first weeks getting to know each other? I think I’ll always remember how I felt in those early days with my daughter, but I’m already forgetting the specific details.

Supplies: Bogart by Zoliofrope, Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring by Erica Zane

To remember the happy times that she was too little to remember

I had such a great time with my daughter when she was a baby and I was on maternity leave. It’s funny to me that she can’t remember those days.

Supplies: Spring Forward full kit by Juliana Kneipp

To remember the quirks that she’s outgrown

My daughter would not let me do her hair when she was a toddler, which disappointed me so much! So, every time I did manage to get her hair in a cute ‘do, I made sure to to lots of photos. Now that she’s older, she happily does her hair and has particular tastes about how she wants it done. Times change!

Supplies: Half-Pack 105 – Photo Focus 49 by Cindy Schneider, About Time by Misty Cato and Jady Day Studio

To spend time with some favourite photos

I just loved these photos of my girl. I didn’t have a ton to say about them, but it was nice to spend time looking at them again!

To remember favourite games

As she gets older, we have a lot more conversations and play more structured games. Some of the silly games we played when she was a toddler are too little for her now. But I love remember her sweet little voice from her toddler days and how much fun we had together.

Supplies: Dream A Little Dream by Studio Flergs

To remember everyday-life moments that no longer happen

When she was a toddler, buckling her in her car seat and playing car games with her on car rides was a regular thing. How we travel together has changed so much! And to think that there was no little brother on those car rides, either! Our whole family has changed.

Supplies: Merrily Merrily Merrily by Libby Pritchett & Studio Flergs, SCRAP YOUR HEART OUT 9 by Janet Phillips

I absolutely loved taking the time to think about these happy memories from my big girl’s little baby days. And I know that all too soon I’ll be looking back on her school age days with fondness too. Children grow up so fast!

Do you enjoy scrapbooking older photos of your growing kids?