Does Everyone Take Pictures of Their Food?

A few weeks ago I was outside on our front porch snapping a few photos of some cookies I had just made. My seven year old came up to me, watched silently, and then said,

“Does everyone take pictures of their food? That’s WEIRD!”

I had to laugh. I am sure it does seem a little odd to take the time to photograph food that will be consumed in mere minutes. It probably seems strange to see pictures of someone else’s lunch coming through on Facebook. Another child once asked, “Why do they think I want to see what they are having for dinner?”

But you know what? I love taking pictures of food. I love seeing pictures of food. Most of the time, I find food photos inspiring and mouth-watering. Of course there are other photos better left unposted, but like I said, usually I love looking at food!

My seven year old may think it’s weird, but this is why I do it:

1. Food is a big part of our lives. A good portion of my day is spent shopping for, planning, preparing, eating, and cleaning up FOOD. As a memory keeper, it seems only natural that I would want to capture something that takes up so much of my day.

2. Food is part of our history and our memories as kids. I have so many distinct memories of food and the situations I had them in. I remember the smell of our Sunday roasts, I remember sneaking a taste of my mom’s all-day spaghetti sauce, I remember the sounds of sizzling bacon and I have vivid memories of many, many mornings my mom spent flipping pancakes. Food often has memories attached to it and therefore I want to have some photos to pair those memories with.

3. Cooking wonderful (and often beautiful) food for my family is one of the ways that I intentionally try to love them. When I take the time to create something I think they will like and present it in a beautiful way, I am showing them how much I love them. As the saying goes, “The way to a man’s (and child’s!) heart is through his stomach!

4. I think it’s fun! Staging food for taking photos is challenging, fun, and rewarding for me. I love trying new things to make food look appealing and inviting. Playing with camera angles, light source, and depth of field in order to get great photos is fun. I know it might not be for everyone, but for me, it is an experience and exercise of creativity.

I don’t necessarily post all of my food photos for everyone to see, but I sure do take a lot! My dream is to one day put together a cookbook for my kids of all of our family favorites!

I think this will get me started…

So what about you? Do you take pictures of your food? Do you share them? How do you feel when others post photos online?

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