How I Organize My Digi Files Download

How do you organize your Digi Files? After a few years of being on the Daily Digi creative team, I like to think I have a pretty good system!

The Download

I download all of my files into a Download folder (I’m on a PC). Once they’re done, I move the zips into my Daily Digi folder, in a sub-folder, like this: “2014-05 April”. This keeps them in order so that I can sort by date easily.

As you can see, I eventually move files to an Archived TDF folder, once I’m done working with those kits and templates.

And you can also see that it is only May and I’m already working with July’s files! Yes — we work a couple of month’s ahead so that the team can make all the pages for the featured designer posts and put together the monthly Playbook, including all the scrapbooking tips and tricks.


I use the UnZipThemAll application (which is free) to unzip all the files at once. You can read more about unzipping fast in this article by Steph. I like the UnZipThemAll application because it automatically deletes each zip file as it is opened, which is a timesaver because The DigiFiles often have 15 or so zip files.

Organizing Kits

I like every kit to be organized into a master folder and then sub-folders for:

  • Alphas
  • Elements
  • Papers
  • Extras (things like: templates, actions/styles, journal cards, etc.)

Here’s a screenshot of how I organized the Star Quality kit by Down This Road Designs from the April 2014 Digi Files:

Most of the time I just use the name that the designer gave the folder. Sometimes I shorten the name, especially if the designer has a long name, because my tagging software doesn’t like long file names and will freeze when long names are used.

I like to put a Preview file in the main folder so that they show up in the main folder icon. (If you use a Mac, you can also do some neat things to make your previews better.) My main folder for April 2014 looks like this:

It makes it nice and easy to see which kit is in which folder so that I can get to scrapping faster.

Deleting Extras

I tend to delete TOUs, thank you images, banners, and any other non-kit items from my files. I only do this folder tidy-up as I work with each kit though.


I use ACDSee for tagging. I tag my Digi Files kit previews as a “Kit” and then with their designer name. I also add the tag “TDF Contribution” so that I can find all of my Digi Files kit with one click. You can read more about my tagging system here.

So that’s how I organize my Digi Files each month. It takes me about 5 minutes or so, after the files have been downloaded to quickly organize and tag. I should add that I find it convenient to keep my Digi Files together, because I like knowing where each kit came from (probably because I am on the Daily Digi team). If I didn’t want to know, I’d probably move them into folders organized by designer at the end of each month.

How do you organize your Digi Files?