Inspiration is Everywhere: Google Search History

I am an intensely curious person. Just yesterday I was explaining to a friend that when I want to know about something, I have trouble getting it out of my mind until I learn
everything I want to know. I love reading and learning and feeling like my knowledge base is larger than it was the day before.

This means that I spend a lot of time doing Google searches. It is so much a part of my life (and the lives of many others) that this proper noun has turned into a verb:

“Just Google it.”

And that’s just what I do. When I want to know something, I just Google it. And apparently, I Google a lot!

If you go to, your own Google history will show up.

It will show your search trends and will even show your total number of Google searches.

If you hit the “Show more trends” button, it will pull up your Top Clicks, Top Queries, and Top Sites. It will also show your monthly search activity. Scrolling down, it will show you your specific searches for the last few days.

To the left, you can see your history in other categories:

With as much as I use Google, I figured it is worth a scrapbook page of its own. I just searched (on Google of course!) for images of the Google logo and then enlarged it. I then added some screen shots and some journaling and
voila! Done. Another piece of everyday life preserved in the ‘ol scrapbook.

What about you? Do you Google? Is it worth a scrapbook page?