I Knew I Loved IKEA

I’ve always been a huge IKEA fan. Well, I suppose not always, but at since I first stepped foot into one almost ten years ago. There is so much to love! The colors, the design, the texture, and even the shopping experience itself. I have spent many hours roaming through the store (in many different cities), jotting down product numbers, dreaming of decorating rooms, and snatching up deals too good to miss.

A few weeks ago my boys (being the boys they are), built a huge ramp through our living room for them to race cars down. At one of the key places in the set up, I noticed my neglected IKEA catalogue. I asked the boys to make a swap and I grabbed my copy and headed to my room. As I was lovingly going through the pages, I noticed that the layout of the pages is a lot like my scrapping style: clean, simple, boxed, and colorful. Ah-ah! IKEA really does have everything…even scrapping inspiration.

I thumbed through and marked some pages that I thought would translate into great page layouts and I got to work. I quickly made myself templates based on the pages, turned on some podcasts, and started scrapping. Less than an hour and one podcast later, I had three layouts completed. Thanks, IKEA. I knew I loved you.

Here is the first page I dog-eared for inspiration (my copy is from Malaysia, just in case you are wondering what the currency is!)

And here is the page I made:

For the next one, I took a little bit more scrappy approach:

Here is the template I made:

And here is the layout:

And here is the third inspiration:

And here is my layout:

Inspiration is everywhere…even in your kids’ car ramps and in your IKEA catalogue.

Where do you find inspiration?