March Digi Madness

We are closing up another month here at The Daily Digi! March has been fabulous! A big THANKS to all of the wonderful designers that contributed this month! So many beautiful kits!

Get ALL of this for just $7.50 a month, when you become a member! So much for so little! It IS the best deal in digital scrapbooking.

I visited with Vicki Bridges, from the team, about this month’s Files, the Playbook, and how Vicki has scrapped about her difficult times after she and her family survived the tornado in Moore OK. You can listen to it below (on the site),
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This is what our
members said at the end of last month:

TDF 19 was my first month and I have no plans to ever stop! – Kathy

More than 32 months a member and it just keeps getting better. – Francine

The DailyDigi and Digi Files has changed my life . . . literally. I went back through some ‘old’ albums a while back and realized my scrapping style has changed – not once – but several times since I joined. With so many new kits to choose from each month and the tips, tricks, and ideas I receive in the Daily Digi and Podcasts, I’ve branched out and tried so many new things that the pages I created have gone through several style transformations. Just wanted to say thanks for the adventure! -AJ

I have been a subscriber since the beginning and probably always will. The products are top rate and I want to support the “daily” work you do. This month I had a whole weekend to scrap and got so much done. I was constantly referring back to past & current content on The Daily Digi for tips and advice for different techniques etc. And, I kept looking at the Contributor Features to see designer styles and check out their product before buying. Plus at this point I feel like I “know” you and I really enjoy checking in everyday. Thanks for the chance! I can’t wait for tonight. I feel like a ninja downloading early and checking everything out! – Michelle VO

Here’s a closer look at everything that is included this month:

Amy Wolff

Juno Designs

Stolen Moments Designs

Traci Reed

Amber Shaw

Vicki Robinson

Little Butterfly Wings

Exclusive Kits

you know that every four months you are subscribed to The Digi Game
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My Life of Happiness” is an EXCLUSIVE collection to THE DAILY DIGI that is FREE to subscribers of THE DIGI GAME after their 36th payment (or 36th month for annual members).

My Life of Daring” is an EXCLUSIVE collection to THE DAILY DIGI that is FREE to subscribers of THE DIGI GAME after their 40th payment (or 40th month for annual members).

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It’s that amazing time of year…the time when the cool winter winds change to a warm spring breeze. The flowers start to poke through the ground, the bees start their hunt for sweet flowers, and the birds diligently search for a home in the trees.

I love spring. Having lived in a tropical climate for ten years, it is something I miss terribly. I was so thankful to have last year in America. I soaked up every moment of spring. It is a time filled with hope, dreams of new beginnings, and a wash of gratitude as flowers bloom and birds sing.

So today, I offer you these inSPiRING quotes and photos. May they inspire you in your scrapbooking and in your life. There is nothing quite so beautiful as spring.

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens,Great Expectations

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~Mark Twain

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. ~Anne Bradstreet

Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world. ~Virgil A. Kraft

Where man sees but withered leaves, God sees sweet flowers growing. ~Albert Laighton

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours. ~Mark Twain

Every April, God rewrites the Book of Genesis. ~Author Unknown

The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an April day. ~Robert Frost

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring. ~George Santayana

The front door to springtime is a photographer’s best friend. ~Terri Guillemets

You can’t see Canada across lake Erie, but you know it’s there. It’s the same with spring. You have to have faith, especially in Cleveland. ~Paul Fleischman

Change the date of scanned photos

We are so blessed in this digital age, our cameras and phones help out our memories by tagging our photos with the date, time and even the location of our photos.

But when it comes to working with older photos, many times we have very little to go on for information.

That’s why, as I’m scanning the negatives from my childhood, I’m taking the time to record the information I remember and store it permanently in the scanned image.

The most common questions I hear are: How do I change the date of a scanned image? What if I don’t know the exact date?

When you import a scanned photo into Photoshop Elements, it contains the date scanned in the metadata of the photo.

How do I see the date on my photo?

To find out what date is currently set for your photo, find the photo in Windows Explorer or Finder and then:

  • On Windows: Right click on the photo and select Properties from the pop-up menu
  • On a Mac: Ctrl+Click on the photos and select Get Info from the pop-up menu

Within your photo management software (PSE Organizer, Picasa, Lightroom etc) you can also see this information by looking in the
Information panel or similar.

(Click to enlarge image)

How do I set a new date for my photo?

To change the date of a photo, you’ll need to use a photo manager, I’ll demonstrate how to do this with Photoshop Elements Organizer. At the end of the post, you’ll find links that to show you how to change dates in other software.

First, go to the
Edit menu and click Adjust Date and Time. (You could click on the linked text Date in the Information panel on the right hand side of the Organizer.)

Adjust Date and Time dialog will appear:

Now, don’t worry if you don’t know the exact date. Photoshop Elements Organizer will allow you to enter just as much information as you know.

In the
Set Date and Time dialog, you can type in the year, select a month and day from the drop down menus.

As you can see for this photo, I don’t know the day, but I’ve entered the year and month.

Now when we look at the
Information panel, the new date appears.

(Click to enlarge image)

Photoshop Elements Organizer will write the ‘new’ date to the scanned photo right away.

Check the Date!

If you like, you can double check that the date has been written by going to your
File Properties (or Get Info) as described above.

Now your photo will sit nicely in its proper date location, and as long as the file is around, it will have the correct date associated with it, right inside the metadata of that file.

Adjust the Date of Many Photos at Once

If you are scanning old family photos, it would be tedious to manually change every individual photo.

You can also use the
Adjust Date and Time tool to change the date of multiple scanned photos at once. This would be handy if you were scanning wedding photos where you know all of the photos were taken on one day. It would also work for changing the date for a set photos where you know only the year and no further details.

Just selected a group of photos in the Organizer, then click
Edit – Adjust Date and Time of Selected Items.

You’ll see the
Adjust Date and Time dialog:

And follow through from there, as you did for a single photo.

Adjust Date and Time tool in Photoshop Elements Organizer is also handy if you have photos that were taken in another timezone, or if you simply forgot to set the time on your camera. (I have inherited so many digital photos with incorrect dates!)

Don’t use Photoshop Elements?

Here’s some helpful links that walk you through the process in:

Do you scan old photos? Do you edit the metadata of your scans?

P.S.Yes, that’s me back in 1982, I’m just 7 months old and am working on my Dad’s Vic 20!

Last Funtastic Friday in March


Here’s what we found for you this week…

Mind Over Matter, the newest collaboration from The Studio Girls, is
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New from Juno Designs and Amanda Yi Designs: Project Spring – Hello Spring. This sweet collaboration kit is 30% off through Sunday 3/30!


Blagovesta Gosheva released the next kit of Capturing Life series – Capturing Life: March. It’s on early bird sale this week!


A digital scrapbooking collection by Erica Zane & Studio Flergs,
Build It: Collection is perfect for your master builders of all ages!
Show off those block creations in style with this super versatile kit.


They teamed up again to bring you the matching girly version. Perfect for your master builders of all ages! Show off those block creations in style with this super versatile kit made especially with the girls in mind. Save 20-40% through Saturday!


Studio Wendy released these fun ViewFinder templates. Choose from hearts, boxes, circles and flowers.


Studio Angelclaud Artroom has had a fun and fruitful time at Scrapbookgraphics but now it’s time to embark on a new adventure. Her store at Scrapbookgraphics will close on May 30th and her new store will open on Apr 1st. Enjoy 40% closing sale from Mar 27th – Mar 30th!


Save 25% on a Get It Scrapped membership with the new class Photo Play that includes lessons and live workshops with digital product designers and teachers Anna Aspnes and Jana Morton.


Everlasting is new this week from Kimeric Kreations.


A little digital stitching adds the perfect finishing touch to these clean and classic page designs in the new Scrapbook Lady Stitched template pack. There are 4 templates (size 12×12) in both TIF and PSD formats so you can have finished pages in just minutes!


Stolen Moments has a brand-new nautically inspired collection this week! Check it out for 20% off thru March 31. (Psst.. Daily Digi readers can save an extra 10% with the code: AHOY-TDD.)


Join the new workshop & community built around Tangie Baxter’s {Be}Mused! Creativity Card pack. Exclusive sheets available to members only for an entire year, plus so many more perks (including card backgrounds not available anywhere else).


Bring in some Spring with the Etc by Danyale Garden View Kit and Pocket Journal Cards Set. These products were created to work with a complimenting set of templates by Little Green Frog Designs, also in store at Scrap Orchard.


Yin has new double page templates just right for those holiday photos! She is using them to scrapbook her Hawaii trip – check out her blog for more ideas!


There are so many things in life that can tear our hearts and minds apart, but true love can stitch all those pieces back together again. Fuss Free: Stitched Together 1 & 2 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs can help you document your worst moments to mountaintop highs. Each template features circle paper mats with stitching and paint misting, flower clusters, pennants and buttons. Fresh Fruit priced 20% off. Purchase Set 1 and get Set 2 free. Offer ends April 3, 2014.


Maya de Groot has a new kit about collecting, Bric a Brac.


This week Tracy Martin has a fun kit: Spring Fever, full of fun bright springy-ness!


Scrapping with Liz has a couple of new template sets in her store this week. They are both sure to help you scrap a bunch of photos in ease and in style! They are both 20% off through 4/4/14.


Furry Little Friends by Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics covers your pages about pet guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, and chinchillas. Find it 30% off through next Thursday at Oscraps, GingerScraps, and MyMemories.


Jenn Labre sent over this coupon just for our readers!


Warm days, sun rays and April showers to bring those sweet may flowers! This gorgeous digital scrapbook collection by Bella Gypsy is definitely spring fresh!


New Orchid Door Collection By Vinnie Pearce, use coupon code: ODdg for an extra 15% off


Stop by next Friday for more new creations!

Through the Years

I am always on the lookout for new ideas for scrapbook pages. It isn’t that I have a lack of pictures. In fact, it’s just the opposite. With so many photos, I love to find new ways to tell stories, both in words and in pictures.

After re-reading my ALL IN ONE PLACE article, I decided to take my own inspiration and push myself to do more. My idea was simple: find photos of roughly the same date over a number of years and put them together. I love seeing what story photos from various time periods can tell when they are all together.

Because I have been doing Project 365 for six years, finding photos from similar dates was easy. I loved just going in and seeing what I found. I didn’t put a lot of thought or effort into this. Rather, I just grabbed some photos to see what kind of story they would tell.

I love seeing the passage of time right in front of me!

It was so quick and easy that I decided to see if I could find any theme with another set of pictures. This was the result:

Try it! Just go into your photo files and pull out pictures from roughly the same time of year over a number of years. Put them together and see what you create!

Experimenting with White Space Design

I have a scrapbooking comfort zone. Generally speaking, I start with a photo and build a blocked, linear page. It’s the easiest thing for me to make and they are very readable pages when I print them out in 8×8 inches for my album. I’ve written about this style a few times:

It’s my go-to style because it takes the guess-work out of designing a page and I can incorporate a lot of journalling and as many photos as I need, or leave room for embellishments.

The most difficult pages for me to make are pages with small photos and lots of white space. I have a hard time deciding when the page is “enough”. There are some scrapbookers who have perfected this style. I could stare at their pages for ages, amazed at how they can turn just a few well-selected elements and a photo into such beautiful art.

I decided to challenge myself to leave my comfort zone, at least for a few pages. I grabbed some kits from the March Digi Files and made these white space style layouts.

Supplies: Blessed Life by Amber Shaw

Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings

Supplies: Giddy by Amy Wolff

I couldn’t hold back from adding a bit of journalling, but I didn’t add so much as to take away from the airy feeling of each page.

Do you know what I learned from trying white space design? First and foremost, I confirmed that I love big photos. I really want to go in an stretch out each page and make the photos much, much larger!

I also learned that designing white space layouts is easier if you stick to a Rule of Thirds design style, borrowing from the photography principle. I tried to keep the clusters grouped along the imaginary Rule of Thirds grid lines to give them strong placement on the page.

The hardest part about this style is choosing a very limited set of papers and elements from a kit. These kits were so full of amazing things, it took some time to choose just a handful of items.

So, after this experiment in white space design, I’m returning to my comfort zone! This was fun to try, but I definitely find fuller pages with large photos easier to do.

What is your scrapbooking comfort zone? What style would be hardest for you to try?

Daily Digi Digest 40: March Madness with Vicki Bridges


Team member, Vicki Bridges, and I are wrapping up the month of March on The Daily Digi and The Digi Files. We are sharing our favorite posts and Playbook tips, along with some news. We also spend some time getting to know Vicki as she shares about the devastation she experienced after the Moore, Oklahoma tornado and how scrapping has helped her through it.

You can listen to it below (on the site),
Download here or Subscribe in iTunes

Vicki’s layouts we discuss in the show:


Layout by Vicki. SUPPLIES: Ocean Shimmer by Angelcloud Art Room; In the Moment by One Little Bird.


Layout by Vicki. SUPPLIES: I Love You to the Moon and Back by Just Jamie; Sept. Freebie template by Crystal Livesay.

In the Picture

I’m passionate about a lot of things. If someone brings up one of my hot button topics, there is no stopping me. When I believe something, I believe it all the way. And this, dear readers, is one of those topics.

You need to be in the picture.

I know. I know. You plan on doing it. You’ll get in pictures with your kids when you get out of your yoga pants. When you lose the weight. When you do your hair. When you get some new clothes. When…

I know. I’ve been there. I don’t always want a camera pointed at me. There are days when I haven’t showered and I am many months away from being at a weight I am happy with. And yet, I still get in.

This is a picture of my mom with my older brother. I LOVE it. Adore it. Am jealous of it. I love the way her happiness just beams. She is looking at this little boy who she waited so long for and she is completely in love. I love this picture for so many reasons…the look on her face, the Pooh wall hanging she had made, the diaper changing station on the deep freezer, the plaid pants, the paneled walls. What’s not to love? This is a photo that captures a beautiful moment in time. Priceless.

Unfortunately, I have very few photos of me with my mother. In all the scrounging around I have done, only a few have turned up.

These photos are so precious to me. But I wish I had more. I wish I had photos of my mom holding me as a baby. I wish I had photos of us playing together…her reading to me…me watching her cook.

I understand why there aren’t many. Photography used to be a much more expensive hobby. Buy the film. Pay to have it developed. There wasn’t opportunity to take a hundred photos of every outing. So my parents, like most, mainly took the obligatory holiday photos of just the kids.

When I had my children, I knew I wanted more. I wanted my kids to have photos of me. I wanted them to have documentation of a life lived together. I wanted them to be able to see the love in my eyes. I wanted them to have photos of me loving them, snuggling them, and laughing with them. When they get older, these (I hope!) will mean the world to them.

In 2003, I had my first daughter. And from then on, I have made it a point to be in picture. I don’t always love how I look, but I am so glad to have the memories. This is our life together. I want to be a part of it.

With each child, I have continued to push myself to do whatever it took to be in the picture. Here is me, nine months pregnant with #3…

Here are some tips for being in the picture:

1. Stop Worrying. Don’t worry so much about your looks that it keeps you out of the picture. Your children won’t care how much you weighed or what your hair looked like. They care about you. Don’t worry about what your house looks life. Real life is beautiful…and real.

2. Ask someone to take pictures for you. I often ask my husband or other children to grab the camera. I love to take photos but sometimes I want to be on the other end. My kids and husband are getting pretty good!

3. If all else fails, use a tripod, a phone, or a mirror. Do whatever it takes to be in the picture. Photo Booth can be your best friend!

4. Hire a professional. I adore our real life moment photos, but I am also glad that occasionally we have someone outside of our immediate family take pictures for us. Not only is the quality better, but also that person has a view of us that we might miss. Photos are an investment. Don’t be afraid of hiring someone.

5. What do you want to remember? Ask yourself, “What kinds of things/events/moments/activities do I want to have photos of? Think about those special first moments, activities you do every day, and special events that you want your kids to know you were a part of. Write some down and be more intentional about getting in the picture.

6. Not all of you necessarily has to be in the picture. Try different angles and shots that show relationship.

7. Don’t wait. Do it now. Do it today. You never know when tomorrow will stop being an option.

8. Start scrapping!

Check out “Get In The Photo” for more tips from Katie and our team.

Do you get in the picture? What motivates you? What hinders you?

Life is Full of Wonder


It’s not a secret at all that I LOVE Little Butterfly Wings designs! I especially have a fondness for your word art! Valeria has an amazing talent for putting together beautiful type to create eye-catching sentiments and statements! I really can’t get enough! I enjoyed working with her contribution this month and I know you will too! Let’s take a closer look at “Full of Wonder” that is included in
The Digi Files this month:

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of
The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Little Butterfly Wings’s contribution:


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Fonts: Things We Said & Traveling Typewriter.


Layout by Katie. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Streamers (template) by Scrapbook Lady; Fonts: Ever After.


Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Fonts: CK Ali’s Hand.


Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Fonts: Darcy Baldwin’s SmartyPants and Rub This.


Layout by KimberlyK. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; January 2014 Storyteller Kit
(template, modified) by Just Jaimee; Fonts: Hero.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


My name is Valeria Piemonte and I am from Brazil. I live in a small town in the countryside of Sao Paulo State with my hubby and our 2 sons. I used to work at my husband’s advertising agency as an art director but I decided to quit my job about an year ago because I wanted to dedicate myself fully to digital scrapbooking. Designing scrapbook kits is what really makes me happy. I love my job! When I am not working I enjoy reading, watching movies and hanging out with my family.





I love this layout because it gives me peace. November was a really tough month for me and my family. And when I was taking a walk with my mother a few weeks ago I took this photo and I thought to myself, we have to stay positive, we can’t let the bad things that sometimes happen to us interfere in our lives. I truly believe that if you have positive thoughts you will have a so much better life and also that will reflect on others. If you are happy, the people around you will be happy too!



I have never been a paper scrapper before. I started as a digital scrapper in 2009 when I was trying to find something to decorate my son´s first birthday album. I got addicted right away. Of course my layouts were terrible at the beginning but I didn’t give up. I kept trying and trying until I found my style. After that I started posting my pages to the galleries and also sending applications to some of my favorite designers’s teams. I scrapped for about 2 years before I started designing. At that time I thought to myself, why not try designing my own kits? I know how to play with Photoshop and Illustrator because in fact these are the tools I work with everyday. I feel so glad that I wasn’t afraid of trying because now I really enjoy what I do for living. Designing is one of my passions in life. Specially when I am working with fonts and word arts.


Pretty much everything! I love paying attention the colors I see everyday. From a walk through the park or a swim in my parent’s house, everything that catches my eyes is a source of inspiration lately. I am always seeking for new inspiration around me. But what really inspire me to create everyday is my family. They are the ones who make me wake up in the morning and want to work as a designer.


Computer: 21,5″ iMac – OS X 10.9.1, 4GB RAM and 500GB HD plus an EHD of 500GB.

Program: Photoshop, illustrator and bridge CS6

Camera: I don’t own a proper camera. I use my iphone 4S for shooting my photos.

Anything Else: I also use a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet.


If you are stuck on a project you can’t finish take a step back from the computer. Sometimes it’s easier to see what it is missing or not when you look at your layout or project from another perspective.


I love A Gift from Heaven mainly because of its theme. I was inspired by my own kiddos to creating this kit. It’s colors are soft and sweet making it great for documenting your little one’s first activities, the experience of being a mom, and celebrating your little precious one. I also love it because it has a few basic elements that you can pick from for typical everyday layouts.



What makes this product so popular is the fun you can have when adding these doodles & word art to your photos!


Here are some of my favorite products by Little Butterfly Wings:







Here are some more inspirational layouts using Little Butterfly Wings’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







30% OFF coupon: lbwTDD30OFF

Go have a look in Little Butterfly Wings’s store! We will randomly select TWO winners to win $10 in product! All winners will be selected through the Rafflecopter widget below. There are several ways to enter and you can do ALL of them to gain more entries for yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Inspired by Little Butterfly Wings

The following layouts were created using “Full of Wonder” by Little Butterfly Wings and included in The Digi Files during March, 2014:


Layout by SharonS. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Template by Darcy Baldwin; Alpha by Danielle Young; Font: DJB I Love Me Some Lizzy.


Layout by Kitty. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Fonts: Things We Said & Traveling Typewriter.


Layout by Katie. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Streamers (template) by Scrapbook Lady; Fonts: Ever After.


Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Fonts: CK Ali’s Hand.


Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Fonts: Darcy Baldwin’s SmartyPants and Rub This.


Layout by KimberlyK. Supplies: Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; January 2014 Storyteller Kit
(template, modified) by Just Jaimee; Fonts: Hero.

Layout by Steph. Supplies: Fully of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings