Creative Additions to Your Pocket Scrapbook Pages: Evenings At Home

Are you attempting a year-long scrapbooking project in 2014? I’m continuing with my pocket scrapbook album, documented on a week-by-week basis. One comment I’ve heard over and over from scrapbookers is that they worry that they don’t have enough material for a year-long project. I’m creating a series of posts with fun ideas to include in your album to help you document your real-life this year. Even if you’re not doing a year-long project, I hope that some of these prompts will still be fun and useful to you.

Idea: Evenings At Home

This winter has felt especially long. With the night setting so early, there is very little natural light for photos, so I have to make a real effort to pull out my camera and shoot. The darkness means we sort of hibernate at home, too. Our winter nights are mostly filled with dinners at home, homework, housework, playing at our hobbies, reading, and watching Netflix. That’s not to say that I’d want it any other way, though! I love our quiet evenings at home. We have great chats and snuggles under blankets, share some comfort food, and just enjoy being together.

Pocket Scrapbook Pages

I used Just Jaimee’s new kit, I Love You to the Moon and Back, which is included in the February Digi Files, to make a two-page pocket spread.

The red, white and black colour scheme, with the fun pops of yellow, was so easy to use on a pocket page. The kit also includes some great journal cards and art cards. I used a few on the pages below:

Credits: I Love You to the Moon and Back by Just Jaimee, 365Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids Bundle by Traci Reed, Journalers by Valorie Wibbens, Project Storyteller font by Darcy Baldwin, 52 Card Pick Up Template by Misty Cato

The bottom-right photo on page below and all of the larger photos on the other side of the spread were taken in the evening. I didn’t journal about it very much, but I am happy to see those evening moments captured in my weekly album pages.

Journalling Ideas

Here are some ideas for capturing your evenings:

  • If your evenings are relatively predictable, write it up as a schedule: 6:30pm Dinner, 7pm Clean-up, 7:30pm Bath time, 8pm Stories, etc.
  • Are there any fun things you like to do as a family? Some families enjoy a regular game night, a movie night, or evenings in the park. (If you don’t have a regular family night, here is a list of 101 Free Things for Families to Do to give you some ideas to get you started!)

Photo Ideas

Try out some of these ideas:

  • Take photos of your evening routine, as it happens.
  • Set up a tripod in the room you spend most of the evening. Use the timer or a wireless remote to capture an evening.
  • Give the kids a camera and ask them to photograph the best parts about being at home with family. I’d be curious about what they felt was most important.

If you have trouble photographing in low-light, check out this article by Katrina that has some great tips.

Thank you for reading! Good luck with your projects!