Photographing a Baby Shower

I have what you might call a lot of kids. I have six. I know people with more, but still, it seems to be a topic of conversation most places I go. I always make sure people understood that while it is hard, we love it.

One fun thing about babies is the anticipation of them. Although I don’t love being pregnant due to the physical toll it takes on my body, I do love all the mental and emotional parts of expecting a new baby. So much wondering and dreaming and hoping..pure bliss.

And of course, one of the fun things about all that waiting and expecting is getting to celebrate this new life with the people you love. In America, it is a tradition to have a baby shower: a time for your friends and/or family to “shower” you with love and gifts. It’s such a fun time! So many memories of sweet friends, kind words, and joyful anticipation.

But you know what? Out of my eight or so baby showers, I only have photos of TWO. And one of those was because I took the pictures. I have nothing from the other six baby showers. Nothing. I don’t have pictures of the food that wonderful friends made. I don’t have pictures of silly games played. I don’t have pictures of the people who surrounded me with love and excitement. I’m sad that I can’t go back and remember those special times.

Because of this, now when I go to showers, I look around and see if anyone seems to be on “camera duty.” The mom-to-be shouldn’t be worrying about preserving this memory, but someone should. Baby showers are such a slice of life. When I think back to my showers they remind me of where I was living, who my friends were, what the weather was like, and more. I think everyone should have those memories documented. So, if I don’t see anyone who seems to be taking charge of photos, I pull out my camera ands snap away. And then sometime soon after I hand the precious mom a CD with her images on it. Moment captured.

So, what do I look for when I am taking pictures? A few simple things:


Baby showers are usually filled with yummy food made by loving friends. It is usually beautifully displayed and is a testament of the love for guest of honor. I try to sneak into the food area right when things are just starting up (so no one is around the table) but before people are released to eat. So much work goes into setting up a beautiful display and I want to capture it!


Oftentimes, there is a lot of time and effort put into the decorations for the party. Whether it is flowers, candles, streamers, decorative food, or onesies, make sure to get a few photos of the beauty around. Don’t forget the small details!


What’s a shower without the opening of gifts? Make sure to get pictures of the gift pile/table and some of the guest of honor opening the gifts. Over time it is easy to forget where all your baby stuff came from and it is fun to look back on photos and think, “Oh! So that’s where that blanket came from!”


A shower is such a blessing because it is filled with the people in your life. There is nothing like having a group of women surround you with their love and blessings. Make sure to snap a few pictures of the guests so the mother can later remember who was there. Sometimes, like at a church shower or an “other side of the family” shower, she might not even really know everyone. It’s nice to have photos!


Most showers have some sort of program. Maybe there are games played. Perhaps someone gives a devotional. Just make sure to get a few pictures of any special activity that is included.

The Guest of Honor

Don’t forget to get a few photos of the mama-to-be. She might not be thrilled to pose for photos (who really loves being big and pregnant?), but someday, when the pregnancy and baby fog fade, she’ll be happy to have a few photos that she can look at think, “Oh my goodness. Was that really me?” Yes, it was you. And you were beautiful and glowing!

So, have you ever thought of taking pictures during a shower and blessing that mama with photos?

Banner is from BABYCAKES by Erica Zane and Libby Pritchett at Sweet Shoppe Designs

All of these photos are from February 2013 when I attended a shower for my beautiful friend (and fellow mama of six) Sara.