Sharing an Adoramapix Photobook

Adoramapix is Steph’s go-to photobook printer, and I’ve been wanting to try it out ever since her Photobook review in 2010. I finally took the time put a book together and stumbled across a really handy feature—Project Sharing! The great thing about sharing at Adoramapix is that they make it easy to do, offer simple options and make it easy to unshare as well.

Public or Private?

The first thing you need to decide before you share your book is how you want to share it. You can choose a “private” option which means that only people who have the unique sharing URL can see the project. Or, you can choose the “public” option which will place the book in their open gallery for sharing with the entire community. You can choose either through a simple toggle, and change the toggle later if you change your mind.

Sharing or Ordering?

You can also decide during the sharing process if you want the end user to be able to order a copy of your book, or view it only. So, if you want Aunt Edna or Grandma to be able to order their own copy of your book, you can choose to let them. But if you want to share it publicly, but prevent Jane Doe Stranger from ordering a copy of your book, it’s easy to do that too. What if you want both? Just make a copy of your book first and share one with the family, and the other with the public.

Step By Step Sharing

1) Login to your Adoramapix account.

2) Click on the Photobooks tab. It should bring you to the My Books page.

3) Look under the COMPLETE BOOK or REORDER BOOK button and click SHARE/EDIT.

4) Click the SHARE tab and then turn on Sharing. Once you do, the rest of the options you see below will appear.

1. SHARING: Turn on Sharing

2. GALLERY: Turn ON to allow your book to appear in the public gallery. Turn to OFF if you want it to only be seen by those with the unique book URL.

3. ORDERING: Turn ON to allow your book to be ordered by anyone with the unique book URL. Turn OFF to allow viewing only, and prevent ordering.

4. OPTIONS: If you turn ordering on, you can choose to allow the user to set color correction options and paper options.

5. LINK: Once you’re done, you can copy or email the link for sharing.

That’s all there is to it. It’s so simple! Use the sharing option to get help with proofreading before you order. (I don’t know about you, but there’s always at least one major typo somewhere!) Or, send that link to Aunt Edna or Grandma and they can order their own copy of your photobook!

If you have shared a book in the Public Gallery, share your link with us. We’d love to see your photobook!