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Welcome to Lina of LDrag Designs! I love Lina’s wide capability of styles that she designs in. She has a flair for sophistication and class as well as whimsical and fun. It was so interesting to hear her explain how the seasons affect the styles of kits she creates during our recording. She also shared a bit about her life in Greece and how she got started in digital scrpabooking in the Daily Digi Digest podcast, you can listen on site below,
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Let’s take a closer look at “Love Always” that is included in
The Digi Files this month:

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Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Love Always by LDragDesigns.


Layout by Ronnie. Supplies: Love Always by LDragDesigns; Spacey Mega Templates by Amy Martin; Stitched by Anna by Anna Aspnes.


Layout by Trina. Supplies: Love Always by LDragDesigns.


Layout by Sula. Supplies: Love Always by LDragDesigns.


Layout by Anne. Supplies: Love Always by LDragDesigns; Font: DJB Liz.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


Hello my name is Lina Dragani and I live in Greece! In one of the most beautiful countries in the world! I am married to my high school sweetheart for 12 years and we have 2 beautiful children ,Konstantina who is 8 and John who is 4,5. They can certainly drive me crazy as they are both very active children!






The photos on the pic are really special as they are from a time when my dd and myself lived away from the other part of our family , my son and hubby due to my work as a teacher! But the feelings from them are also happy as they were taken on my dd’s performance at kindergarten at the end of the year!!!



ok now my personal story about LDrag Designs is that I found out scrapbooking completely by accident as I was looking through the internet to find tools for making my dd’s photo album!!!! In Greece, scrapbooking is something really unknown!!! Most people say “what?” when I tell them what I am making!!!!!

Anyway, I found ScrapMatters in 2008 around March and I entered the first Queen of Scrap contest where I got 2nd place!!!! Then I was offered a place in the creative team. I first became a scraper just before I was turned into a designer. And I just loved playing around with papers it was then that I made my first paper pack to give as a participation prize to a SpeedScrap!!!! Andrea Nye the owner of ScrapMatters saw my pp and saw potential in me so she offered me a position as an apprentice designer to SM!!!!

I had great help from Erica Zane at the time. She was my mentor and a great friend!!!!! And basically the designer I was following around everywhere she went!!!!!
After that due to a very bad pregnancy to my ds I decided to resign December 2008 and I came back to designing when my nightmarish pregnancy ended in May 2009!!!!! So I had to start again from scratch and did my very best to come back to SM!!! SM was my home and all the time I had to stay away until I came back in June 2010 I always had a feeling of loss. Unfortunately ScrapMatters closed its doors this past December and I found a new home at Gotta Pixel!


Now what inspires me in my designing is colours. Specific photos.

This inspired me to make
Narcisse Des Près:the kit.
Pinterest is a great place to find photos to inspire me and give me ideas of things to make, especially wordart!
I love colors in general! I love lace and flowers and greenery! So I have many of them in my kits. As a scrapper I loved making clusters and these are the things I love as a scraper. These things will just need to be in all my kits as I love romantic things. But when I make themed kits I love epoxy gels and metal. Gels are my personal favourite and I play with them a lot. A very good example is my kit


Computer: I work on Windows 7 environment. I have never used MAC. I have bought this new computer 2 years ago and it is a dual core processor which is a real help for heavy software like photoshop. I basically work on a 21 inches flat square LG monitor which I will not change unless it breaks lol. They don’t make square monitors anymore and I hate the new wide ones. I also have a laptop which is on Windows 7 and has the same processor but I use it only I am on vacation to work or when I have my desktop sent for service. Both my computers have big memories but I prefer to use External Memory Disks to save my work and all my designer supplies and tools for safety! Also this way I don’t overload the main memories and the computer works better and quicker and I don’t lose any info in case of computer crash.

Program: I basically use Photoshop CS5. I also use ArtRage and EyeCandy 7.

Camera: Nikon DSLR D300S

Anything Else: And my most useful tools are my Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet and my Canon Scanner.


Well I believe that my most favourite tip is to try to improve your techniques and skills any way you can! For example as a scraper I always wanted to be good at clustering so I tried really hard to learn how to do it the correct way. I searched for techniques and studied the pages other scrapers had made to help me improve myself! Now as a designer I always try to learn new things that will help me become better! The same applies to my photography! I see now the things I can make and compare them to what I did a year ago and see an amazing difference! And remember that only perseverance and patience will bring you to the desired result!


I love all my products cause all of them have been made with love for creating as I can’t make anything without being inspired. But this product is my favourite for two reasons.The first reason is the whole idea about this kit! “Dream Big” which for me it means a lot! It means a lot to be able to dream big in a world which is really difficult and during a time when everyone’s faith and strength is being subjected to many ordeals! And the second reason is the pallete! I just love it! It was chosen from a pic I found on pinterest and I loved it!



I have a lot of popular products! People love my kits lot! Especially the ones who are about the sea or the tropics! I have a lot of kits like these but I haven’t added them yet in my new store as I didn’t have the time to repackage10 pages of products and also because it is still winter! I will add them around spring time! So I have found that one of my latest kits “A Grateful Heart” had been a real hit! I wanted to create a collection about ThanksGivings! We don’t celebrate Thanksgivings in Greece but I have a personal favourite for this celebration! So I chose some of the most popular of the season colours. I added the brown for some burlap elements and a vivid blue to strike out as all the other colours are most common!


Here are some of my favorite products by LDragDesigns:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using LDragDesigns’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







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