The 8×8 Pocket Album Format

I am so happy with my pocket album project. Seeing an entire year of my life in this format is heart-warming. It’s a snapshot of our life and its big and little moments, and I deeply enjoy going through the album with my family.

Pocket scrapbooking is wildly popular right now. Most people do their pocket albums in a 12-inch by 12-inch format, whether they do it digitally, hybrid, or purely paper.

I’m part of a growing minority that is doing the project in an alternate size. My bookshelves are not deep enough to hold 12×12 albums, so it was an easy decision to use 8×8 instead.

I like the 8×8 pocket album because it fits easily alongside my “regular” albums, which are also in 8×8 format. The size is easy for my kids to handle, which is important to me.

In terms of design, I design in 12×12 and then print in 8×8. That means that I need to keep in mind things like font size and element size. My favourite tip is to zoom the 12×12-inch canvas on the screen until it is the desired print size. For me, with my current monitor and resolution, this is about 21%. When I design zoomed in to this level, I get a reasonable idea of what my page is going to look like when it is printed.

A 4×6 pocket becomes 2.5×3.75 and a 4×3 pocket becomes 2.75×1.75 when a 12×12 page is reduced to 8×8 print size. (However, the sizes really depend on which template you’re using. Pocket album spots aren’t really 4×6, for example, because then there would be no room for the pocket or spaces between photos and the edge of the page.)

Using a smaller format doesn’t often impact my product choices. The vast majority of pocket cards size-down very well to the 8×8 size. I am cautious about cards with journalling lines because the lines are often too closely spaced to be readable in a smaller size. On a related note, I also always type in font size 14+ to make sure the text is readable when sized-down.

I don’t fill the 4×3 spots (centre row in my album pages) as much as a 12×12 pocket scrapbooker would due to the smaller size. Generally I’ll choose either journalling or a photo, but not both.

So, that’s my 8×8 pocket album. I know that some of you had questions about how it printed out and compared to a 12×12 pocket album. Hopefully seeing some pages will help you to visualize how it works in the smaller format.

Happy scrapbooking! Thank you for reading!