The Last Day of February 2014

What a FAST month February was!! But it was also super FABULOUS, here at The Daily Digi! Sooooo many wonderful designs in this month’s Files (trying to get lots of alliteration here, can you tell?)

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I had fun chatting with reader and member, Sharon Suske about this month’s Digi Files as well as the challenge she gave herself 4 years ago to create a layout with every product in The Digi Files from then on. That was 310 layouts ago. You can listen to it below (on the site)
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This is what our
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There is just so much goodness packed into each month of the The Digi Files that it makes no sense to not subscribe. The value is unbeatable: There isn’t a single other kit club that combines the quality and content The Digi Files. And thanks to my membership, I know I have a kit for whatever my mind dreams up to create. It’s hard believe that I’m going into my third year of subscribing, or maybe it’s not because it’s so freaking awesome!!! – Carrie

I love the Daily Digi – it is the best GIFT I ever gave myself. Of course, I love the beginning of the month – I can’t wait to see what new and wonderful things are coming my way. I recommend the Daily Digi to all my scrappy peeps – awesome stuff. – Shawna

Going into my third year with TDD … and I am still amazed that every month I am introduced to yet another great designer that I somehow have “missed” or overlooked in the digi-scrap world … luv that! – Jean

More than 32 months a member and it just keeps getting better. – Francine

Here’s a closer look at everything that is included this month:

Just Jaimee

Erica Zane

Digilicious Designs

LDrag Designs

Connie Prince

Vicki Stegall

Tracie Stroud

you know that every four months you are subscribed to The Digi Game
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Mix n Match Scrapping


Want to try something different?

Instead of putting together your next page from a digital kit, why not mix and match it?

With the abundance of digital kits, it can be quick and easy to put together coordinated pages using the designer’s color scheme and themed embellishments. Sometimes, I want to break free of the confines of a kit to create a layout.

When I started work on a layout about my toddler’s move into big boy bed, I didn’t have a specific kit in mind, and just took a wander through Photoshop Elements Organizer to see what supplies I had on hand.

Take a walk through the process you can use to gather and work with supplies from a variety of kits.

Gather your Supplies

Usually mix and match scrapping works best when you are looking to build your page around photos or a story, so it helps to have your photos ready to go. They give you something from which to build a color scheme.

I knew I had one photo that I wanted to use on the page, so I jump started my search for supplies by browsing through my 1-photo templates.

1 photo templates in Photoshop Elements Organizer

I came across this free template from Megan Turnidge with a theme that suited my layout and I was off to work. If you are using organizing software, you can easily gather your supplies into an album to make it easy for you to collect them (and find them again!).

Here’s how to set up an album in Photoshop Elements Organizer:

Create a new album in Photoshop Elements Organizer

  1. Create a new album by clicking on the green plus button to the right of Local Albums in the Albums and Folders panel.
  2. Type a name for the album in the Album Name box.
  3. Click OK

You can add items to your album at any point, so there’s no need to add them all at once. As you find supplies that catch your eye, simply drag the thumbnail of that supply onto the Album.

Drag thumbnail to album

I collected several papers, a couple of embellishments and an alpha to use in this layout.


I was looking for a couple of blue papers to reflect the colors in Edward’s quilt and I found them by doing a quick search by color.


I browsed through my collection for animals and flair that I could use, but as the template included some cute shapes, I just ended up clipping papers to the layers.

Creating your Layout

How then, do we actually scrap with these supplies? The easiest way is to open the Photoshop Elements Editor and then in the Photo Bin dropdown menu select the name of the album you created earlier.

Open an album in Photoshop Elements Editor

You can open and work with the files by double clicking on the thumbnails in the Photo Bin.

To add a paper or element to your layout, drag the file down from the main editing window onto your layout or template. That way your supplies will come in at full size. If you drag the file up from the Photo Bin in recent versions of Photoshop Elements it will be automatically resized, which is not what you want to happen. (For more information about the various ways you can drag and drop in PSE, I recently published an article about Dragging and Dropping Files here.)

Drag your embellishments down onto the layout

Finding Related Supplies

If you have added a few previews to your album, you can easily go back and find related supplies from that same kit in Photoshop Elements Organizer. For example, I added the alpha preview to the album before I decided on my title.

When it was time to make my title, I right-clicked on the thumbnail image for the alpha and selecting Go to Folder


Then you can add the needed letters to your layout by selecting them in the Organizer.

Select all the letters you want to use

Switch back to the Editor and add them to your layouts by selecting the Photo Bin menu and then Show Files selected in Organizer.


Simply double click on the letter to open it, then change back to Show Open Files and drag your letters down onto your layout.

Finishing Up

The beauty of using an album to hold your supplies is that it does not make a copy of the files, so the album does not take up precious hard drive space.

If you would like to credit your supplies, you can easily head back to the album, and easily right click on any file, and Go to Folder to see the preview and designer information about the kits your supplies are from.

When you finish with your layout you can delete the album (it doesn’t delete the files, just the album) or keep it to use again.

Credits: Just Jamie Love You to the Moon and Back; M Turnidge Template 62, Incredible you Papers; Erica Zane Sweet on you; Gina Cabrera Arizona Autumn Font Postina Melissa's Hand

Credits: Just Jamie Love You to the Moon and Back; M Turnidge Template 62, Incredible you Papers; Erica Zane Sweet on you; Gina Cabrera Arizona Autumn; Fonts Postina, Melissa’s Hand

I hope you give it a try, get more out of your supplies by mixing and matching!

Are you a kit scrapper or a mix n matcher? How do you work with your supplies?


In Praise of Simple Scrapbooking

The pages my family likes the best are simple, blocked pages. My husband likes pages that showcase the photos and journalling. The kids are mostly interested in seeing their photos, especially from “when they were little”. They love to hear me retell their stories to them when we look at my scrapbook pages. For my 4 year old son, the page design is almost irrelevant. For my 7 year old daughter, she’s happy as long as there are a few flowers or butterflies or lots of pink and purple.

I’ve spent the past month scrapbooking some very simple pages. I started with a rectangular photo or two, and then added blocks for journalling. I filled out the page design by adding more paper blocks to create a basic, linear page design. You can read more about my process for blocked scrapping here:

Love You

Supplies: A Happy Family: Lovin’ Life by Traci Reed and Shawna Clingerman

Rainbow Loomer

Supplies: Her Own Drummer by Robin Carlton and Libby Pritchett


Supplies: Rise And Shine by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Studio Basic, Pocket Life: January Roller Dates by Traci Reed, DJB Fonts: Project Storyteller Font Pack by Darcy Baldwin

Happy Birthday

Supplies: Memorable: Birthday by Kristin Cronin-Barrow & Zoe Pearn

All of the above pages show how a simple blocked page can be easily made to display a special photo and its story.

Below is a photo-less blocked page I made recently. I wanted the story to be the star of the page so I choose the blocked style, a themed kit, and used elements sparingly.

False Alarm

Supplies: Fire Lane by Heather Roselli, DJB Fonts: Project Storyteller Font Pack by Darcy Baldwin

I enjoyed making all of these clean, simple pages. I am so happy that the photos and memories are captured in my scrapbook. It was a bonus for me that making these clean pages helped me find some of the creative motivation I have been missing for a while. Now I’m ready to scrapbook!

I should add that, from time to time, I also love making a big, full and fun clustered style pages and laying on many layers of paint, papers, and elements. I think there is a place for both styles in my scrapbook album.

Do you enjoy scrapping simple, clean pages? Or do you like making pages with more elements and other creative choices? Do you change style from page to page?

Blog Memes for Scrapbooking Inspiration

Part of my love for scrapbooking comes from the idea that I get to share bits and pieces of who I am with my family. It is my hope that my children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will have the opportunity to see my scrapbooks, grasp my great love for them, and get to know me in more intimate ways. I might not always be around to tell the stories myself!

Because of this desire, I am always looking for ways to be inspired to share things about my life. I have found that blog memes are a great way to get the wheels of my mind spinning. I wrote about one blog meme I love called For Today. It’s one I still love because it gives a little bit of a snapshot of TODAY.

Around the web you can find all sorts of other memes that often translate well into a scrapbook layout. For instance, I found this great set of travel questions that I thought would be fun to answer:

How old were you when you first travelled?

I’ve been traveling since I was little. My parents have always loved to drive and they made showing us other parts of country a priority.

What is your favorite form of traveling: car, bus, train, or plane?

It depends on where I am. Road trips in America are fun and fairly painless. In India and Indonesia I love to take the train! And I have to love planes because they have taken me to India, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Netherlands, and Cambodia.

Where did you go on your first road trip?

I have no idea. Most likely it was in the Carolinas to visit family. Once we lived in Michigan, though, we took a lot of trips: to Florida, New England, a number of trips back home to North Carolina, and a three week trip out west.

Where did you go on your first bus ride?

I think that the first time I ever took a bus as a means of getting from one city to another (rather than just to school) was when I was in India. I spent eight weeks traveling by bus for up to three hours a day. It gave me a lot of time to think and read!

Where did you go on your first train ride?

If I remember correctly, my first train ride was when I was in college. After first semester I went to spend a few days with my friend in Chicago. I then took the train home to Michigan.

Where did you go on your first plane ride?

I believe my first plane ride was when I was six and we were moving from North Carolina to Michigan. It’s hard to believe that now I have probably been on over a hundred flights, the longest of which was 17 hours!

Motion sickness?

Nope, don’t get sick.

Where would you like to go that you haven’t been?

Everywhere. Kenya. London. Papua New Guinea. Costa Rica. There are few places that I would turn down an opportunity to see.

Where would you like to go back to?

I always want to go back to India. I can’t wait until our kids are old enough and we can recreate the seven week trip through North India that we went on over our first anniversary. The three day camel trek in the desert was amazing!

Traveling alone or with someone?

With someone! As an introvert, I really love being alone. But for traveling, I like to have someone to keep me company and to help me figure out new places.

Your ultimate traveling dream?

I want to take a trip around the world. Round the world tickets are actually not that expensive and since we know people all over the world, we would always have places to see and people to visit. Some day!

It only took my about five minutes to answer the questions. I didn’t think long and hard about them, but rather, just wrote the first thing that came to mind. Once I was finished, I copied and pasted the whole thing onto a layout. For about 15 minutes of effort, I now have a a layout that gives a little peak into a huge part of my life!

(Page was made using Great Outdoors: Adventure by Kristin Cronin Barrow at Sweet Shoppe Designs.)

One of my favorite places to get inspired is called Saturday Six. Every week the writer asks six questions. Sometimes these are silly, sometimes serious, sometimes in a theme, and sometimes random. He has over 500 weeks worth of questions so you are bound to find something interesting!

Here are a few that I want to do soon:


1. What did you like least about kindergarten?

2. What did you dread in elementary school?

3. What did you like least about middle school or junior high?

4. What were you most self-conscious about in high school?

5. What single grade or year of school was your favorite and why?

6. Think of the person from school you’ve known the longest and that you still keep in touch with: how long have you two known each other?


1. How often do you wake up before your alarm clock goes off?

2. On an average morning, how many times do you press the snooze button on your alarm clock?

3. How many different alarm clocks do you use to make yourself wake up?

4. What activity do you spend the most amount of time on in a normal weekday?

5. What do you normally spend more time doing: eating, driving, using a computer or watching television?

6. If you could have an extra day of the week, how would you most likely spend it?


1. Think of the thing you fear the most that has stopped you from doing something you’ve wanted to do. Without revealing the fear or the action it is stopping, how long have you allowed that fear to get in your way?

2. Of the people who’ve had the greatest impact on your life, which one would you most like to have the greatest impact on?

3. If you didn’t know how old you truly were and someone asked your age, based on how you feel about yourself and society itself, how old would you think you were?

4. A quote attributed to Bruce Lee tells us we should “Be happy, but never satisfied.” Are you often more happy or more satisfied?

5. If you had a close friend who spoke to you with the same intensity and criticism you used when speaking to yourself, would you want that friend to stay in your life?

6. You are invited to speak at a graduation ceremony and give advice to the students, but you are told that because of the sheer number of graduates, you’ll only have 30 seconds to speak. What important advice will you the graduates in those 30 seconds?


1. You want a nice sit-down dinner you know you’ll enjoy at a restaurant and you’re alone: which local restaurant are you likely to choose?

2. Which dish are you most likely to order and why?

3. Now you have the chance to entertain someone visiting from out of town: which restaurant are you likely to choose and why?

4. Which dish from a restaurant have you most diligently tried to duplicate in your own kitchen?

5. How close have you come to matching the flavors of restaurant chefs you’ve tried to emulate?

6. What’s your favorite drink — it can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic — to have with a nice dinner?

So how about it? Have you ever used a meme and turned it into a layout? Do you like the idea of being a bit introspective on your pages?

Chasing a Dream


A BIG welcome back to Tracie Stroud! I’m so thrilled to have her! I love Tracie’s whimsical-grunge designs that are perfect for ‘moment’ scrapping. I really enjoyed visiting with Tracie for the Daily Digi Digest podcast and hearing about her designs, what inspires her, as well as how designing helped her through her own personal grieving process with the passing of a family member. You can listen to it below (on the site) Download here or Subscribe in iTunes

Let’s take a closer look at “Dreamchaser” that is included in
The Digi Files this month:

This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of
The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using Tracie Stroud’s contribution:


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Template 10oct13 by Sahlin Studio.


Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Watery Block template by Katie Pertiet; Font-Hakee, Traveling Typewriter.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Anna Aspnes-ScriptTease Love Frames #1
Mask by Katie Pertiet; photo by Cheryl Curtis; Font: Old Press.


Layout by Monica. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Paint Swashes Vol. 2 and Round about Photo Masks by LivE Designs; Fonts: Bebas, Traveling Typewriter, JSHW Motography Dingbats.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our ”
Team Inspiration” page.


Hi, I’m Tracie, and my husband Michael and I live in Shreveport, Louisiana with our 3 awesome kiddos, ages 8, 6, and 3. Besides working from home, I also homeschool our oldest. I’m an avid reader, once-a-month meal planner, and DIY project addict. I have an ongoing love affair with the Harry Potter series, and I recently finished reading them again (for the 4th time).






I haven’t scrapped much in the last year. My Dad passed away very unexpectedly in April from aggressive, wide-spread cancer, and I just haven’t been able to get the scrapping mojo flowing since. I did make this layout about missing him and trying to take one day at a time.


I started paper scrapping about 12 years ago. When our oldest was born, I didn’t have the time or space for all the mess that comes with paper scrapping. A couple of years later, I discovered digital scrapping and I’ve never looked back! I joined several creative teams and then decided to try my hand at designing in 2009. I flitted around to a couple of different stores before finding my permanent home at Scrap Orchard later that year.


I absolutely love finding and creating color combos and then building a kit idea around those colors. Sometimes I get lost for hours just playing with different hues and values.


Computer: I’m currently using an ASUS laptop with Windows 7 64 bit. It has 8 GB of RAM and a 750 GB hard drive. I’m planning to upgrade this year to a laptop with more RAM and a SSD as soon as I can make up my mind as to what I want! There are so many options out there!

Program: I design with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CC 64 bit and an Intuos5 tablet. I use ACDSee 15 for file organization and tagging, and Spyder4Pro for monitor calibration.

Camera: Last year I bought a NikonD5100, and I’m smitten! I usually use my Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens.

Anything Else: I also doodle and draw with pen and ink frequently, sometimes just for myself, and occasionally I’ll scan my drawings and vectorize them to use in my designs. I primarily use Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens and Prismacolor pencils for my hands-on art. I’ve also been dabbling in watercolors lately, primarily using Winsor & Newton pan colors.


My biggest tip is to calibrate your monitor! For both designers and scrappers, a correctly calibrated monitor is essential to ensure that what you see on your screen is true to printed layouts. There are many affordable and even free methods of monitor calibration. I personally use and trust Spyder Pro.


The kit that means the most to me was also my most difficult one to create. I began working on Sorrow a couple of months after my Dad passed away. I needed an outlet for all those raw emotions I was feeling. It took several weeks and many many tears to complete. I wasn’t sure if it would be a very popular kit, but when it was released I received so many emails and messages from customers thanking me for creating it and sharing their personal stories of loss. It was difficult to read some of those heartbreaking messages, but knowing that I had created something that was helping others to express their grief was a big step forward in my own healing process.



Cloud 9 is one of my most popular products lately. I think the bright color scheme, the happy theme, and the slight retro feel really speak to customers who are looking to create a fun, uplifting layout.


Here are some of my favorite products by Tracie Stroud:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Tracie Stroud’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.







save 35% on your purchase of $5 or more
expires 3/15/2014

Go have a look in Tracie Stroud’s store! We will randomly select TWO winners to win $10 in product! All winners will be selected through the Rafflecopter widget below. There are several ways to enter and you can do ALL of them to gain more entries for yourself!

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Inspired by Tracie Stroud

The following layouts were created using “Dreamchaser” by Tracie Stroud and included in
The Digi Files during February, 2014:

Layout by SharonS. Credits: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Template by Janet Phillips; Font: The Sharon.

Layout by scrapper@heart. Credits: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud.

Layout by Christie. Credits: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Gimme Layers Vol. 53 by Cluster Queen Creations.

Layout by Alyna. Credits: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Fuss Free: FreeBee 78 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs.

Layout by Niki. Credits: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud.

Layout by Kelly. Credits: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Font: Ronita.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Template 10oct13 by Sahlin Studio.


Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Watery
Block template by Katie Pertiet; Font-Hakee, Traveling Typewriter.


Layout by Vicki. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Anna Aspnes-ScriptTease Love Frames #1
Mask by Katie Pertiet; photo by Cheryl Curtis; Font: Old Press.


Layout by Monica. Supplies: Dreamchaser by Tracie Stroud; Paint
Swashes Vol. 2 and Round about Photo Masks by LivE Designs; Fonts:
Bebas, Traveling Typewriter, JSHW Motography Dingbats.

Custom Burp Cloths

One thing I have noticed about us as digital scrapbookers is that in general, we are pretty creative people. Even if we didn’t see ourselves as creative before we starting scrapping, we soon find the desire to create oozing out of our pores. I know that has been the case for me. And if scrapping hadn’t done it, Pinterest surely would have.

Last year, as I was not-so-patiently awaiting the birth of our son, my nesting instinct kicked in and I was anxious to do anything I could to make my life pretty and inspiring. I crocheted, organized, scrapped, photographed, and baked. The urge was strong.

As I was browsing Pinterest, I came across two different tutorials for making my own burp cloths. In my pregnancy-induced creative oozing, I thought, “Of course! Why shouldn’t a cloth meant to catch puke and other bodily fluids be pretty?” Not only was I getting ready for my new son, but also my dear friend was getting ready to have a baby girl and I thought they would make a wonderful gift.

Images are linked to original tutorials

Being a fabric-store newbie, I was so happy to learn that like my favorite digi-scrapping designers, there are cloth designers that release fabric in collections, color-coordinated and ready to go. After oohing and ahing for an hour or so, I finally decided on some beautiful fabrics with pink, grey, and a pretty blue. I chose a soft, white, and absorbent material for the backing (rather than pre-folds or washcloths).

After reading through both tutorials, I took what I liked of each and got started. I hadn’t sewn much in years, but I knew that these wouldn’t be difficult.

All in all, I made about 16 clothes (8 for me and 8 to give away), and it only took me a few hours. It was a great way to letting my nesting take over and create something beautiful.

I think that next time, I’ll use my favorite digi papers and Spoonflower to create my own fabric!

What creative endeavors have you been up to recently?

Organizing Completed Layouts

One thing that has always amazed me about the scrapbooking community is how we all do things in our own — and often very different — ways. Oftentimes we just get started doing things a certain way and that’s how we keep going.

I love to see how other people deal with different challenges and methods in scrapbooking. I often learn a lot and I sometimes find new and better ways to do things.

So today I thought I would let you peek into my computer and see how I organize my completed layouts. Obviously there are lots of ways to do this, but this method has served me well for the last nine years!

Here’s a quick peak into my organizing system

It’s really pretty simple. In my documents folder, I have a folder called
SCRAPBOOK PAGES. Within this folder I multiple folders. All of them are titled NEW AS OF (last printing date). Once I have a batch of pages printed, I start a new folder so that it is easy to tell which layouts haven’t been printed yet. Because this is the folder where I will be throwing all of my new layouts, I put it on my sidebar for easy access.

Inside the
NEW AS OF MAY 24 folder I have all of my .jpeg images. These are the pages that are ready for printing. You can see that all of my two pages layouts have been “cut” into two 12×12 pages. Having these all ready makes it easy when it is time to print (usually when Persnickety Prints is having a sale).

Also inside this folder, I have two other folders:

All of my photoshop (layered) files are in the
PSD FILES folder. I keep these so that if I need to go back and fix something, I still have the option to do so. Within this folder I also keep special project folders (such as an album).

Inside the
WEB album, I have all of my layouts that have been resized and sharpened for web.

I also have another folder called
NEW TO POST. These are pages that I haven’t posted online yet. I don’t tend to post right away, so this folder builds up and then I will occasionally post to the web (Facebook and/or galleries). Once I post them, I move them back into the regular WEB folder.

So you can see that my method isn’t complicated but it sure does make life easier! When I complete a layout, it just takes a few minutes to save all three versions (.psd, .jpeg, and WEB) and put them where they belong. At just a glance I can know what layouts I need to print, which ones have been posted, and which ones I still need to share. I am always “print ready” which makes taking advantage of a sale really easy!

So how do you organize your layouts?