All In One Place

The recent Christmas break gave me a chance to do one of my favorite things: look through old layouts. Flipping through my albums, reading the stories of our life, and seeing my children grow right before my eyes…there is just nothing like it.

As I go through my pages, I find myself drawn to certain pages. I think that one of my favorite types of layouts, the kind that keeps me scrapping instead of just throwing my photos in an album, is the layout that brings moments from different times and different places together and tells a whole new story.

I like seeing my photos all in one place.

The layout above is a prime example. A lot changes between turning one and turning two! I looked through my photos and chose one from each month to see my daughter grow throughout her second year. Putting them together on a page tells a beautiful story that none of them could do individually.

Recently, I was talking with a friend. We were talking about how we had been dwelling on the fact that life isn’t made up of big and momentous occasions. But rather, a life is built by thousands and thousands of little moments that come together to create something beautiful. Taking a few of those moments and putting them on a page does wonders for the heart and soul!

My heart is happy when I see pages like these:

(In case you can’t tell, these pictures are of my first four kids…all swimming for the first time in the same hat. I need to redo the layout and out all six together!)

So what about you? Have you done any of this kind of layout? What do you enjoy most about them?