Memory Keeping in the New Year

I love the start of a new year, so fresh with possibilities and dreams. There are goals to be made, priorities to be aligned, and experiences to be had.

As a memory keeper, the newness opens all sorts of possibilities. The start of a new calendar year offers me the chance to ask myself, how do I want to tell my story?

Questions to Ask Yourself

As I mentioned in my post PROJECT SOMETHING, there are some important questions to ask yourself as you strive to figure out the method of your memory keeping. Hopefully you have decided on what will work best for you so that now you can focus on the content of that method!

  • What kinds of stories do you want to tell?
  • Where do you want your focus to be? No approach is wrong, but you need to decide what is most important to you.
  • Do you want to focus on the big events (birthday, holidays, vacations, milestones)?
  • Do you want to concentrate on the little moments that make up the every day?
  • Do you want to tackle both, perhaps with a broader approach most of the time and then a concentrated approach like Week in the Life or December Daily?
  • What memories are important to you?
  • Are there areas of your live that you want to be better about recording?
  • Do you care more about what you do or who you are?
  • Are specifics important to you or would you rather capture the big picture?

These questions are important because they can guide your memory keeping. If we know what we want our focus to be, we then have the freedom to let other stuff go.

Here’s how it plays out for me:

  • While I care about the big events (and they always earn a few pages in my scrapbook), I am much more interested in our everyday moments.
  • While my photo a day project (that I have been doing since 2009) does a great job at capturing real life for us, I have always longed to complete Week in the Life. 2014 is my year!
  • There are certain memories that I want do a better job with keeping track of. This includes homeschooling progress, exercise and diet, and books read. These three things take up the majority of my day, every day, but because they are just the regular hum of life, I don’t think to record them.

  • Although I love having a record of what we do as a family (and we do a lot of cool things!), I regret that there aren’t more pages about who we are. I want to tell more stories about the ages and stages of my kids and more about the emotional and spiritual journeys that we are all on. I want to share more about the unconventional choices our family makes and the reasons behind them.

  • I want to be better about recording the little things that my kids say and do that I know won’t last long and that I most likely won’t remember, even a few months down the road.

  • Now that my children are older, I also want to include them more in the process of memory keeping. I want them to take more pictures and I want to help them record memories from their perspective.

So, what will memory keeping in 2014 look like for you?