I Love Amazon Prime

I know not everyone agrees, but I love Amazon Prime. Love it.

  • I was ten weeks pregnant with baby number six and was really, really sick. My husband and kids were away for the week and I was at home, without a car, craving butterscotch candy. Amazon Prime to the rescue.
  • We were moving back to the US after four years overseas and there were a lot of things I knew we would need right away. A printer, a camera, phones, kitchen gadgets, and more. I ordered before we flew back to American and my purchases were waiting for me when we got there.
  • We were traveling from North Carolina to Wisconsin for Christmas with my family. Our seven-seater mini-van was completely full with passengers and luggage. So, I had Amazon ship all of my gifts to my sister’s house.
  • We had some last minute room in our suitcases before flying to Cambodia and I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a Silhouette. We also needed shoes and a few last minute birthday gifts. Oh Amazon Prime, how I love thee.
  • I needed to send my family members Christmas gifts while we are living overseas. Amazon Prime made sure they arrived in time!

And on an on I could go….

Free 2-day shipping rocks my world.

And the free streaming of TV and movies doesn’t hurt either.

Here’s the gist of it:

  • For $79 a year, you get free 2-day shipping on most items. One day shipping is reduced to $3.99.
  • Unlimited streaming of over 40,000 television shows and movies
  • A free Kindle book to borrow each month
  • You can share your free 2-day shipping with members in the same household

Since Amazon sells almost everything, I can buy almost anything and have it waiting on my doorstep in two days. I’ve bought everything from candy to computer paper to knives to clothes. And I don’t have to leave my house. For me, the $79 is more than worth it. I am sure I save that much alone in shipping, but even more, I know that I save in other ways:

  • I save gas by not running to town to get things
  • I save time by shopping on Amazon rather than going around to multiple stores
  • I save money by being able to shop for just what I need and not being lured in by other things at the store
  • I save money by being able to read reviews instead of getting the first item I see and then not liking it
  • I save on not having to mail gifts (you can have items shipped anywhere and you can even pay to have them gift-wrapped)

There is also Amazon Student (6 months free and then 50% off!) and Amazon Mom (20% off diapers and wipes as well as other family products).

And no, I am not an affiliate…just a happy customer.

What about you? Have your tried Amazon Prime? Do you like it?