Memory Keeping Helper Apps

Using my smartphone for memory keeping has been such a big help! Not only is it my on-the-go camera, it is where I quickly jot down stories. When I go to scrap, everything is ready for me to use.

If you’re interested in using your smartphone for memory keeping, check out these apps:

Collect Photo App

The Collect Photo App (Free at iTunes) is a beautifully designed app that uses a calendar interface to remind you to take photos each day, which is great for those doing a photo-a-day challenge. With each photo, you create a card with the photo, the date, and a short blurb about the photo. Here’s screenshot showing both sides of a card:

For pocket scrapbookers, these cards also print out beautifully for 3×4 photo spots. Check out this inspiration on Persnickety Prints Instagram feed for an idea of how to use the cards.

Collect is a free app, with an in-app upgrade option for $1.99 which gives you more options for card appearance.

Memory Jar

Memory Jar ($1.99 on iTunes) produces a card quite similar to the Collect App, but rather than storing your memories by date, you assign them to people (or pets!). The app automatically stores things like the age of a person when the memory took place and gives you the option to add a title, notes and tags to each photo you add.


Momento ($1.99 at iTunes) is a journal app that is designed to let you have a diary on the go. It uses handy features like a calendar, tagging, and ratings to track your memories. Features like password protection and the ability to export make is a powerful tool. I like that it can pull from various social media feeds (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and more) to make a one-stop resource when doing weekly scrapbook pages. is a journal app (iTunes and Google Play) that creates a timeline based journal of your activities. It is private by default. The app allows you to capture photos, journalling and video and has tools like tagging to help you find what you’re looking for. The “blast from the past” feature shows you what you were up to one year ago, which is fun.

Google Drive

Google Drive (Free on iTunes) is a great place to store journalling documents. My husband and I share a few files where we both jot down thoughts about the kids and conversations that we’ve had with them. It’s a resource I’ve used many times to create scrapbook pages.

I was inspired by Katie’s post about keeping a running list of stories to tell. I have a file on Google Drive and I update it with story ideas as they come to me. When I scrapbook them, I mark them off. It’s a great way to find something meaningful to scrap when I’m stuck for ideas.

Just Family

Steph did an awesome post detailing how Just Family (Free on iTunes and through a web app on Android phones) can be used in memory keeping and to share with family.


ArtKive (Free on iTunes and Google Play) is an app designed to store your child’s art work. You can create albums for each child and as they bring home art, snap photos and store them in ArtKive albums. I have not yet tried it, but ArtKive also offers a printed keepsake book for purchase.


The Gratitude365 app ($1.99 on iTunes) isn’t a memory keeping app in the same way as the above apps, but I’m including it in the list because I like how it lets you capture things you are grateful for everyday. That would certainly be useful for Project Life, pocket scrapbooking, a Favourite Album or a year-in-review page.

What are your favourite memory keeping apps?

PS – The screenshot in the title image is from my phone where I’m using a free Becky Higgins’ Project Life background. You can check them out here!