It’s That Time of Year to Review

Supplies: template by Scrapbook Lady; papers by Misty Cato (Nov TDF); calendar is Little Butterfly Wings 2013 calendar (she does have a 2014 as well); fonts are my own (Printing Primer and Weathered)

Shortly after I started digital scrapbooking, I also started creating “Year In Review Albums”. It’s been a few years since I have done one of these albums, but I am planning on getting it done this year! Here’s my plan:

  • In the past, it’s worked well to work on this project during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.
  • We have a tradition of watching the “Bourne” triliogy on New Year’s Eve, and this year, I will be scrapping these layouts while I watch.
  • I’ll do one month at a time, from start to finish.
  • I’ll pick 1-2 photos per child, per month to include.
  • I’ll use Katie’s 24×12 templates, because it will keep things simple and fast.
  • I’ll use Little Butterfly Wings calendars for the month titles. They look fabulous and will be much faster than alphas.
  • I’ll use the same fonts throughout (my own Printing Primer and Weathered)
  • I’ll do simple photo editing after the photos have been added to the canvas (because not all of my photos have been imported to Lightroom yet. If all of my photos were in LR, I would edit there and export to PhotoShop).

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