What I HAVE accomplished

hooray by one little bird designs

Jubilee by One Little Bird Designs

As memory keepers, we often focus on how “behind” we are with our scrapbooking, photo organization, documenting, etc. It’s so easy to see what hasn’t been done! How many times do you stop to recognize the layouts you’ve completed? Do you ever pat yourself on the back for the stories you HAVE told? Even if you have only completed one pages, you have accomplished something special. If you have written journal entries, blog posts, or social media updates, you have done something to preserve and celebrate your memories.

I was lamenting the fact that I have so many “holes” in our albums. I scrap in spurts and I scrap out of order so in a lot of ways, I’m quite behind. Then I realize how ridiculous that sounds when I take into consideration that I have literally created thousands of layouts. Yes, I have completed a lot of pages and I’ve told a lot of stories! I’m hoping if I share some of my accomplishments here, it will help you to remember to take stock of what you have done as well. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate what IS finished!

Pictures on Pages

06.2 right

I’m loving the simple and manageable style of pocket scrapping! Just fill the slots with papers, cards, and photos, and a memory is saved. By letting go of complicated page designs, I’ve been able to get more layouts done which means more stories told.

Here are some great resources to help you scrap this way:

Both Sides of the Spread

2 page spread

I’ve spent years scrapping one page at a time in any order I please. It’s been fun to create as my mood dictates and I still love to do that. However, I’ve been much more aware over the past few months that I really feel a lot of satisfaction from finishing a two page spread. Even if the two layouts don’t “match” each other, it just feels nice to have a complete feeling in my albums.

Help for getting spreads done:

Writing Down the Memories

Scrapbook Lady Stories_White Pas

Anytime I include a big block of journaling on my page, I make sure to congratulate myself. Words are such an important part of the documenting process and I really believe that in some cases they are more valuable than the photos we share. The layouts I love the most are the ones with words!

Resources to help you write more:

Documenting the Details

Scrapbook Lady Sixteens_free layout

With a camera (smartphone) in my pocket at all times, I’m capturing life’s little moments. I have pictures of food, toys, books, shoes, and other small details of everyday life that wouldn’t have been part of my scrapbooking process in the past.

How to document the details:

Enjoying the Process

Scrapbook Lady Sixties_Sample Layout

Perhaps one of the most overlooked accomplishments of being a memory keeper is the FUN factor. I’ve had a great time creating these pages and scrapping is a form of stress-relief, therapy, and recreation for me. Nothing wrong with that!


I love trying out new styles and I can do anything I want with a digital canvas as a starting point!

digi smashing

If you find that you aren’t enjoying the process of scrapping, it might be time to shake things up a bit and try out a new style or some interesting techniques.

Try something new:

Use today’s post as a challenge to yourself to celebrate the things you have learned and accomplished. It’s way to easy to focus on what we are failing at. Let’s all give ourselves a break and enjoy the beauty of being a memory keeper!

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