Last Day of December 2013

We are wrapping (haha) up another month AND year here at The Daily Digi! It’s CRAZY and exciting!!! A big THANKS to our designers that joined us all month long. We appreciate them so much!

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It has been a fabulous month, filled with lots of fun too! Katie and I wrapped it all up in this episode of Daily Digi Digest released through the feeds earlier this week:

This is what our
members said at the end of last month:

I am about to start on my forth year here at the TDD. I love it so much and have lots of digi supplies to play with. I love having so many choices when it comes time to make my pages. I have learned so much and appreciate all you guys do.
Thank you so much,

Connie B 🙂

November was a great digi-file month with two of my favorites — Anna Aspnes & Taylormade. But I truly love every month and getting to know new designers and try their products. A subscription to the Daily Digi is a terrific buy with “Christmas” every month on the 1st when new products are available. -flowersgal

I can always count on The Digi Files for a month’s worth of fun, quality kits and goodies to work with! Never disappointed by the mix of talented designers and their contributions each month! -Jean

Here’s a closer look at everything that is included this month:

Scraps by Missy

Danielle Young

Cindy Schneider

Southern Creek Designs

Erica Zwart

Studio Basic Designs

Pixelily Designs

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Using Card Templates on Non-Pocket Pages

Made using In My Life by Studio Basic

I’m always wondering if I’m using my products to their full potential. I like to stretch my digital supplies by re-colouring, re-sizing and re-imagining their purpose. Part of the reason why I like pocket scrapbooking so much is because I can use my kits on a “regular” page and then turn around and use them on a pocket scrapbook page and have it look completely different.

Similarly, I can take a pocket-page geared product and use it on a regular page. I love photo collage templates for pocket pages. Here is a set by Lili Niclass at The Lilypad:

I thought it would be easy to use the template on a traditional page. I opened a template in Photoshop and selected all the layers:

Then I used the Move tool to drag it on a blank 12×12 canvas.

The template was only 4×4, so I englarged it to suite the larger page. (Katie talks about how to enlarge a template, including step-by-step instructions, in this post called My Favourite Template Trick.) Lastly I rotated the template because my photos were landscape orientation.

I used the lovely Studio Basic kit included in this month’s The Digi Files called In My Life to scrap the page:

And here’s the finished page:

Supplies: 4×4 Photo Templates No.1 by Lili Niclass, In My Life by Studio Basic Designs; Font is Papercute

I hope this helps you think of new ways to use your digital supplies!

After 500 Posts

Katie in 2010 and 2013

I’ve been writing for The Daily Digi since June of 2009 and I’ve written almost exactly 500 posts as of today. Wow! In my recent team interview with Steph for the Daily Digi Digest podcast (embedded at the end of the post), we wondered how many hundreds of pages I have scrapped as a team member and writer for TDD (The Daily Digi). I decided to go through and count – which was no easy task! Here are my stats and information you might find interesting:

  • I became a Daily Digi team member in May of 2009. I’m one of 6 people still with TDD who were on the first original team. The others are Steph, Janet, Jackie, Karen, and Amy.
  • My very first post was about power shopping and I still use the same tips and techniques today that I wrote about back in 2009.
  • I have created 185 digital scrapbook layouts as a team member for The Daily Digi. Most of them are in this Flickr setwith the newest ones at the beginning and the oldest ones at the end.
  • I have scrapped 310 digital layouts for my blog posts here at TDD. This is in addition to the 185 team layouts listed above. You can find most of them in this Flickr set. Again, they are sorted with the newest ones first and the oldest ones last. It was really fun for me to go back through all of them to see how much I’ve evolved and changed over the past few years!
  • Little did I know at the time that I joined up with Steph that I would be able to be involved in so many amazing things! A few of the accomplishments I’m most proud to have been a part of include; the free Digital Scrapbook Manual, the introduction of the Playbooks, guesting on and later co-hosting The Digi Show podcasts, and 10 exclusive collaborative kits that are given as member bonuses.

What can’t be counted are the number of phone calls and Skype sessions with Steph and the hours spent planning and brainstorming with her to make The Daily Digi the very best place for digital scrapbookers to be each and every day. There is a whole lot of time involved in being a DAILY site! Steph is amazing though, and never stops working to keep TDD moving forward and improving. She has an amazing vision and she has put together an incredibly talented team who all care so much about sharing their passion for real-life memory keeping. It has been such a blessing and a wonderful gift to work with her and to also develop a friendship with her that I know will always be part of my life.

So, you can imagine that it must be a little difficult for me to say that this is my last post (although Steph has said that the door will always be open for me). I’ve come to a time in my life when I have to shift priorities and I need more time for my family, especially my twenty year old son who has autism and is transitioning into adulthood. We are experiencing a window of time that is very crucial for him and his future, and that is where I need to be right now. I’m grateful for this opportunity, and I’m also happy that I can still remain here at The Daily Digi as a team member creating layouts and sharing tips in the playbook each month. I also will continue to do The Digi Show podcast with Steph and Peppermint. So you aren’t getting rid of me, 😀 but you will see less of me here on the blog and my behind-the-scenes work has come to an end. Steph and the team have already helped me transition those responsibilities and it’s all been very smooth.

Here’s my interview with Steph on The Daily Digi Digest podcast. I hope you will take a listen as we chat about digi scrapping and some of the great things we’ve been through together. You can listen right here on the blog, or subscribe in iTunes. Be sure to check out the past episodes where you can hear from many different digital designers, as well as some other Daily Digi team members. Good stuff!

I have truly loved my time as a writer here at The Daily Digi and I will miss the interactions with our readers that come with regular posting. I’m looking forward to a change in pace though, and I know there will be inspiration waiting for me here each day to help me document the new memories I’ll be making. Thank you sincerely to all who have read my posts and for all the nice comments left over the years. I’ve read and appreciated each one of them.

Simple Tricks – Blending Papers

Oftentimes when using a kit, I’m so taken by so many of the
pretty papers that I like to be able to use several of them on my layout. Other
times I like aspects, or parts, of the papers and prefer to ‘mix’ or blend them
together to create the look I want. Sometimes on a background paper I may blend
together 3-4 different papers. Here are some samples of what you can do:

1. Using a large soft edge eraser, erase parts of the paper
to reveal another paper below. In this layout, parts of the leafy paper with
the yellow bird is erased to reveal a floral pattern below. Both papers used
the same creamy background so this was easy to do. (Barefoot by Shabby

2. Using the pull-down menu in your Layers Palette, choose
options such as Overlay, Screen or Hard Light to allow a paper to peak through
another layer. In this layout, the cloud paper is Darkened and the blue ray
paper is given a Hard Light effect. This helps the two layers blend together.
(Reach the Sky featured in The Daily Digi files #29)

3. Using the Magic Eraser, selectively erase parts of the
paper such as the background around polka dots or flowers. Then you can use
that design to overlay on top of another background. In this layout, the top
layer of paper has the greenery. All of it has been erased but the small
section of green, revealing the blue paper behind it, giving it an underwater
feel. (Island Adventurers by Michelle Coleman)

4. Hide the seam, or joining of two papers, behind a series
of photos, a ribbon, a strip of paper. It’ll allow you to simplify or elaborate
according to what you’re trying to achieve in your background. In this layout,
there’s a floral pattern paper over top of a background paper of hills, trees
and monkeys. The seam between the two papers is hidden behind the photos.(Monkey Do by Mindy Terasawa)

5. Extract parts of papers and use them on your paper to add
more visual interest, draw in color, or compliment the photos you are using. In
this layout, blue swirls from other papers were used to draw in the blue skirt
in the photos. The original paper was a pink background with white flowers.
(Beautiful Journey and Cloie’s Closet by Michelle Coleman)

Go ahead and give it a try! Blend, mix, let the papers
combine to create something new. You may surprise yourself!

(Title made from School Daze by Forever Joy and font is
Giggles by Fontologie.)

The Last Friday of 2013

Credits: Family Stays Together by Pixelily (part of this months Digi Files)

Many designers have taken the last bit of December off to celebrate with their families, but we did find a few new digi products to finish out the year!

There’s something about the end of a year that makes people reflective. Use this shabby digital scrapbook collection by Bella Gypsy with a slightly vintage feel to scrap your annual wrap-up page. Whether it’s year in review, something for your album, or just an emotive page, So This Happened will wrap it up nicely!


Another in the Little Something series is V4, the Christmas pack Smile


Chelle has a mini-kit & alphas releasing this week: Winter Woodland


Studio Flergs is having a CT call, applications accepted until Jan 1st. New team announced at the Sweet Shoppe forums on Jan 5th.


Last set of P365 templates for 2013, a great chance to finish your albums!


A digital scrapbooking kit by Studio Flergs & Erica Zane at SSD, Heading Home is all about coming home for the holidays, spending time with family and so much more! The fabulous colors and versatile elements make this kit the perfect choice for all sorts of pages.


Studio Wendy’s last classes of the year have been released. Check out
Cleaning Up Scans, Color Correction and Adjustment Layers. And come back
in January for the rest of Season 2!


Winter Respite, New from Kimeric Kreations


Kristin Aagard has a brand new breakfast themed kit called Sunny Side up on sale at 20% off this week! And when you buy the Sunny Side up Kit, you’ll get the coordinating Daily Grind mini kit for Free!


Blagovesta Gosheva has a new Christmas collection in her Studio. Grab the bundle and save 47%. Merry & Bright Page kit and the coordinating add-ons are also sold separately, each on early bird sale this week!


December, the month of crazy, busy and insane! LOL! It’s also the month of parties, concerts and time spent with the ones we love. Just Us {December} from Wendy Tunison Designs was designed to bring a little quiet and calm into the month. With it’s soft hues and old world charm, it’s sure to bring a cozy feeling to your layouts. Chock full of all things Christmas and winter, you’ll be sure to be able to find just the perfect pieces to create that work of art showcasing all the wonderful things you’ve done this month!


Sugary Fancy has THREE NEW Packs at her Scrapbookgraphics Guest Store this week! They are 30% off this week!


Get a head start with the new year of daily memory keeping, Life Changes collab by Etc by Danyale with Laura Burger is filled with rich colors and fun everyday pieces to share all the changes that happen during the journey of your life. The HUGE collection is only $12.00 for the bundle (a $20 value) and you get the mini kit for FREE with the bundle purchase!


We’ll see you in 2014 for more Funtastic finds!

Daily Digi by The Numbers 2009-2013

In just a few days, The Daily Digi will celebrate FIVE YEARS of daily digital scrapbooking goodness. We have a lot of fun things planned for January, but before the celebrating begins, it’s time to reflect. This is something I do every year, as I’m sure we all do for life changing events, and The Daily Digi has been a game changer for me.

I’ve had a lot of dreams for this site and look forward to continuing to see the dreams become plans and the plans become reality. The biggest thing that has changed me in the past 5 years, has been the friendships and relationships I cherish with the many designers, team members, readers, and listeners. The stories you’ve shared with how digital scrapbooking has changed your life; I love connecting with all of you through the emails and comments. I love visiting with the contributing designers on the new “Daily Digi Digest” podcast and connecting with them in a way we haven’t before. I know all of you enjoy it just as much as I do! THANK YOU for listening and supporting us and our designers, we appreciate it!

Thank you for the ongoing support and allowing me to have my dream job!

A Very Merry and Memorable Christmas to All of YOU!

Graphic from Just Jaimee

I want to take a moment and wish all of our readers, listeners, designers, and our members a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! As some of you have emailed me your family Christmas cards, taken a moment to share a thought, or happy wishes, it has truly meant so so much to me! I am one of “those” people that struggles to make it through the holidays and your warm messages have brought me to tears, in a good way, more than once this season! THANK YOU!!!

If you are looking for scrapping inspiration as your holiday comes to a close, here are a few past posts:

And if you are looking for some holiday digital scrapbooking inspiration, check out our new Pinterest boar with a bunch of great layouts I pinned from our Flickr Group:

Follow Daily Digi’s board Daily Digi – Flickr Group Inspiration on Pinterest.

Are you ready to capture memories?

Kristin Cronin-Barrow Tis the Season. Cindy Schneider wordart.

If you are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, you have probably reached the point where you’ve done everything you can to prepare and now it is just time to celebrate. Before you sit down to festive dinners or open presents, there are a few quick things you can do to make sure you don’t miss a moment.

  • Charge up camera (and smartphone) batteries
  • Be sure to have extra memory cards on hand
  • Check for storage space on your smartphone and clear some space for new photos if needed.
  • Scout for photography spots (as Katrina always says – look for light!)
  • Hand the camera to others so you get pictures that include you
  • Set out a notebook or decide on an app to help you take notes of things you want to remember.
  • Make a list of photos you really want to take during the big day.
  • Enjoy the moment!

Most likely, you want take every photo or document every detail you want to, but if you take a few minutes of prep time now, you will be able to relax and let the memories happen.

Happy Holidays!

katie big

Low Light, Moving Children, And 15 Minutes of Quiet On Christmas Day

I love Christmas! It’s a beautiful opportunity for photographs with the excitement, lights, and unwrapping of presents. I love that moment on Christmas Day when you find yourself with a little quiet time (okay, it may only be 15 minutes, but I’ll take what I can get). It can be the perfect time to play with your camera or to check out any of the fun photography gear Santa may have left for you under the tree!

Whether you have 15 minutes of quiet, crazy low light scenes, or children who won’t slow down, here are a few Christmas Day posts to help you make the most of your Christmas Day photographs!

Photographing Christmas Morning

How To Solve Common Holiday Photo Problems

This is THE post for you if your photos are blurry, yellow, or boring.

How To Photograph The Magic of Christmas Morning

Need a little extra light help on Christmas morning? This is the post for you with tips for adding light with flash or making the most of your available light.

Grabbing A Litttle Time For Christmas Day Creativity

How To Photograph The Lights of Christmas

Have a little time to play? Create fun bokeh (those blurry lights in the background) using the lights of your Christmas tree.

How To Photograph Shaped Light Bokeh

Take a little extra step to create some shaped bokeh. (This may take more than 15 minutes!)

A Fun Way To Photograph Your Christmas Tree

Why should kids be the only ones who get to play on Christmas Day? Use this technique for a little extra holiday fun!

Using The Gifts Santa Leaves For You

Your Camera Manual Is Your Best Friend

Yep. Got a little time for some exploration. Jump into your camera manual, but with a plan.

What’s That Little Line Thingy?

Ready to make the most of your new camera (or the old one you’ve been hoping to use to its potential)? Figure this one out and you are on your way to shooting in Manual Mode! Go YOU!

5 Exercises To Improve Your Photography

Whether or not Santa brought you gear, a little intentional practice can help you improve your photography whether it’s Christmas Day or just a Tuesday!

Enjoy your day. Shoot with intention. And remember to set the camera down and soak up all the joy of Christmas!