Photographing Relationships


Recently, I spent time going through some old family photos. It struck me that the ones I paused to look at the longest were the ones with more than one person in them. There is something special about seeing the connection between two people, captured forever in a photograph.

With that in mind, I found a few photos from our summer vacation of my son with family. I have dozens of photos of my son alone, but the ones where he’s with other people are special because of how they clearly show his size, connection to family and his sense of humour.



Look at how little my little guy is next to his Daddy! Showing this contrast in size really puts this shot in perspective.



I can see on his face just how much my son loves his Daddy. Hopefully he’ll look back on this photo and remember the good times they’ve had. I know my husband loves this picture. It might not be technically awesome, but it’s a special moment they shared.



One minute before this picture, my son and daughter were dangling their feet off the dock quietly… but then he decided to kick his feet and splash. Both kids were squealing and splashing after that!


It was so dark on the beach – but I think it’s still easy enough to see where my son gets his silliness from!

And don’t forget: Pets are people too!


I love this shot of my son and the family dog, who my son adores. I have every reason to believe that my son will grow to over 6’ tall, so I love pictures that show him little relative to someone else.

After going through this little review, I think I am going to make an effort to shoot more multi-person photos in the future. I love these photos and I know my son will too.

Thanks for reading!