Keeping it Simple with Photo Masks

Have you ever used a photo mask? It’s a great way to highlight a photo without overwhelming your page. It also allows you to play with blending so that you can overlap photos or place text over top of a photo. Many designers offer pre-made photos masks in their templates. They’re a cinch! And it’s a great way to learn how to use a photo mask without having to create one yourself.

Below is a sample of a template using a photo mask.

Here are some templates by Jennifer Lindsey, Lorilei Murphy of Studio Rosey Posey, and Anna Aspnes.

To use the photo mask on the template, all you have to do is click on the layer with the photo mask and add your photo. (If you use Photoshop Elements you can drag and drop your photo onto the template from the photo bin.)

Resize and line it up so that it looks like it’ll fit nicely. Then all you have to do is “clip” it to the layer (Cntrl/Command G to clip). Before you merge (Cntrl/Command E to merge), make sure you like how it looks and nudge the pictures until the edges look nice.

You can then play with blending a little by using the opacity sliding bar in your Layers Palette.

Look around the edges of the photo mask and using the soft eraser, you can blend the edges with your background paper.

Or you can simply use the photo mask just as the designer created it. It’s super easy and fun to use! It looks like I spent a lot of time creating this layout when it actually took me less than 10 minutes. Love that!

(Layout created using Artscape Aimee template by Lorilei Murphy and Start the Music kit by Julia Makotinsky, both featured at Scrapbookgraphics.)