Making frames from embellishments

making frames from embellishments

Studio Rosey Posey – One Moment. Fonts are blackout & Fontleroy Brown


Have you ever thought of creating a unique frame for a photo or journaling spot by using digital embellishments? There are some creative (and easy!) ways to do this. Here are some of my favorite tricks:

Use straight lines

Straight ribbon, washi tape, ric rack, lace, and other borders are super easy to make frames out of. Just use 4 pieces (or duplicate the same piece 4 times) and make it into a frame. You can create a square frame, or crop 2 of the pieces to create a rectangle.

using tape to make a frame

One Little Bird – Happygram


Line up the little things

Buttons, sequins, flowers, and more can all be lined up or put into a shape to create a snazzy frame. Follow a shape template to help you with your spacing and alignment and then just delete the shape when you are done. Merge all those layers together to keep the frame as a single layer that is easy to move and resize.

button frame

Digital Design Essentials – The Good Stuff


Look for natural frame spaces

Some embellishments provide an instant area for framing. Look at your embellishments with a new perspective to find places to insert photos and journaling.


Kristin Cronin-Barrow – How Does Your Garden Grow


When you look through your digital supplies, keep an eye open for creative ways to use the embellishments in unique ways. You can extend the use of your digi kits by making frames for photos and journaling by putting these skills to use. Have fun!